A virtual PBX for companies allows you to gain efficiency and optimize communication with customers. If you have ever worked answering phone calls in a company or have seen the agents do it, you will understand perfectly how important it is to manage the flow of incoming calls as a main service for companies, ensuring that each person who calls is attended to properly.

Thus, the PBX system for small businesses is one of the essential aspects of it and should be one of the first concerns when starting a business, as it is the element that connects the company and its external environment, impacting on the image it gives. The more it affects the image and notoriety of the company, the more difficult it is to avoid this service.

In the business world, a professional telephone is one more step towards providing a high level of customer service. The incoming and outgoing calls should be managed by a virtual PBX, showing the professionalism, seriousness and credibility of the company in question.


What should we do before integrating a virtual PBX?


Before installing a virtual PBX in the company, it is important to take some time to understand well what are the needs and specific objectives of the organization, in order to choose the telecommunications system that best suits business needs.

Performing this work with caution is beneficial so as not to make a mistake in the choice and adapt the best virtual PBX service for the company.




What are we going to gain with a virtual PBX?


Efficiency! The virtual PBX allows you to gain efficiency because it is a tool that allows you to optimize communications between the organization and customers, as well as between different members of the organization.

This tool offers a faster and more practical interaction between the caller and the recipient, in a more personal, easy and effortless way.

Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX ensures a good connection with customers, quickly and reliably, thanks to a service with extensive experience in the telecommunications sector. Our company’s virtual PBX is configured and developed according to the needs of the company, thanks to the multiple functionalities it has and the technology used.

You can call from the extension of your choice, with Fonvirtual you always have the option of choosing a panel completely adapted to your needs. In addition, thanks to your WebRTC extensions, you can make outgoing calls with your virtual PBX and display the header number you choose.

All virtual number vouchers include a flat rate for outgoing calls to national landlines and mobiles. Our team will always be available to advise you. Contact us to define a personalized budget.

With Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX, your number follows you wherever you go! Your ubiquitous extensions allow you to make calls from anywhere in the world.


Now it’s up to you to choose the PBX


Offering online options to your customers to contact the company is, nowadays, an essential aspect to offer a professional quality service. With a virtual PBX adapted to your needs and objectives, it will be easier for customers to get in touch with the company and get answers to their queries faster than if we only used e-mail and other traditional communication channels.

Thanks to the Internet, everything has become easier. The Internet is a tool that helps companies increase their notoriety and brand image. For this reason, applying the network to the business telecommunications system can bring countless advantages.

More and more companies are recognizing our services, since, in addition, we offer all the functionalities with customized configurations, as well as the availability of our equipment when you need it. Our range of services will be able to respond perfectly to all the telecommunications needs of companies.

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