To make a change from the phone line to IP telephony could assume great advantages in many enterprises, and nowadays a high number of people don’t even know about the existence of this innovative modality. In this post, we present you what advantages can offer you, and which are the companies that already should count with IP solutions. 

In the first place, we will help you to understand better the concept of IP solutions, so you can recognize whether your company appears on the blacklist of those that still haven’t taken that step, and should do it as soon as possible.

It’s all about a service that it’s possible thanks to the WebRTC, that is to say, via an IP network that creates a system of telephony via the Internet. It counts with a great capacity of digitalizing the voice of a phone call. What is its principal advantage? The cost reduction of phone calls, not to say that in many cases become totally free.


What type of companies should use IP solutions as IP telephony?


  1. The companies that need to use different phones at the same time. The IP telephony offers to count with many extensions in order to attend the calls simultaneously.
  2. The companies that need to connect their offices. Those enterprises that count with several headquarters or offices now can use this telephony as if it operated internally from a single office.
  3. The companies that operate outside the office or counts with teleworkers. It’s very common to have employees, either freelancer or not, that in many occasions work outside the office and have the need to keep working. With IP telephony the could keep answering and making phone calls wherever they are.
  4. The companies that need an IP PBX. Those that need to replace the traditional PBX because of its bad quality, high costs and burdensome maintenance.
  5. The companies whose intention is to operate internationally. By hiring with this telephony a number of countries you need, you’ll offer to your clients much more international and professional image. In addition, if you travel because of your work, you could use your phone from any country, since the IP telephony is not associated to any particular physical location.

Many are the companies that have already replaced the outdated traditional telephony system with other technology, achieving to save even 80% in fixed fee. However, not everyone is equally informed and they could be losing these great advantages due to lack of information. If you feel identified, keep reading to know what do you need to enjoy this WebRTC phone system.




What do you need to use IP solutions?


It’s totally essential for the enterprise to count with an Internet connection that works correctly to use IP telephony. With traditional telephony the phone calls used to be made via cable, but in this case, what is used to transmit the calls is the Internet. With a bad Internet connection, the calls will lose significantly their quality.

It’s not strictly necessary to count with IP phone, since, thanks to certain apps (softphones), you can use the IP telephony on your mobile, PC or tablet.

The last thing you need is an IP telephony operator, that will be the one who offers you that service by giving you a new number or carrying your old one, and who will activate your line.

At Fonvirtual we offer you IP solutions with a lot of improves and all of its advantages.



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