The CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is a model of customer relation management, based on commercial management, marketing and customer service, which goal is to improve the service and relationships with customers. By knowing in a deeper way our clients, we could get information that would be key to increase the value of our offer leading to better results in our company, and a call center CRM can help you with it.

In Fonvirtual we are going to analyze the benefits of integrating CRM with your company’s Call Center software to give the client a higher level purchasing experience:

  • Pop-up windows

When CRM and Call Center software aren’t connected, if you receive an incoming call, you wouldn’t know who is calling so you would have to ask the client name and type the data manually in the CRM. This entails a loss of time and could lead to possible mistakes, which definitely makes a worse service quality.

But thanks to CRM integration, when the call center software recognise the client identity, You would be able to see the client data in a pop-up window before getting the call. This makes a quicker and efficient customer service.

  • Call recording

If you have your CRM connected with the Call Center software, you would be able to link the call record to the client background. So if in the future you need to make a consult or verificate any information, you could type the client name and find all the records that you save during the entire process with the client. Being able to listen again the desired audio and offer a totally personalized attention.

Call Center software give you the function of call recording but when it is connected with the CRM it gives a higher efficiency.

  • Combined reports

The fusion of CRM and Call Center software make possible the combination of management data obtained from the CRM and operational data obtained from the Contact Center.

This give us the advantage of collecting in a same report information about sales and resolved cases (collected with CRM), and information about volume of incoming calls, waiting times, overflow calls and level of service (Call Center software statistics).

  • Potential customer’s unification

Thanks to the CRM and Contact Center system integration, we can gather all potential customers from our company in a single database. This function give us the possibility of create segmented campaigns depending on geographical area, habits or product categories.

Making a more focused and effective strategy.

  • Mobility

With the technological development, our company agents could work from any place and device. It isn’t required to be always in an office. With the new IP phone systems, the WebRTC telephony, a good Internet connection and headphones, you would be able to serve all the clients correctly and from anywhere.

  • Departments collaborations

As well as the customer service department, other areas like sales and marketing could need  information from the database for their actions. The integration of CRM with the Call Center software, makes possible to other departments the contact with clients to improve the product offer. By studies of customer opinions and comments. This supposes a big advantage as the client feels more comfortable and engage with a company that is aware of their concerns.

call center CRM
  • Personalization

One of the big benefits of unifying both technologies is the capacity of personalize the offer to each user. Our client will feel unique and perceive an exclusive service

In Fonvirtual we propose the integration of your company CRM with our Call Center software service, making it a call center CRM, and it would be a valious opportunity for the business. A strategy based on the customer with this integration could lead to a customer service almost perfect.

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