One of productivity’s determinant factors is motivation, although this success element is a very complex phenom which depends on many other factors. So, How do I keep my employees motivated? Let´s check some motivation factors.


motivation factors at work


Do not think a company can not influence in its employee’s motivation. Positions of employees does not remain and motivated people presents a more beneficial behavior and attitude towards the organization in comparison with unmotivated ones.


In spite of preconceived ideas the company’s success not only depends on its financial result. Their main profit source are its employees, this is the reason why companies have to know how to keep the best ones. It is particularly complicated when jobs implies moving around the world as a consequence of globalization, and therefore it is incredibly important improving motivation among your employees in order to keep the best workers.


What are the main motivation factors?

In order to improve company members’ motivation, their leader must adjust the language, change strategies and improve communications.


The main factors for motivation at work are :


  • Remuneration: is well known that money is the sinews of war. Besides this requires that certain principles are respected in order to optimize efficiency and having a long-lasting effect. It is not convenient to be too generous since a generous retribution not always entails a long-lasting implication.


  • Company’s morale and mission: A strong company moral can be a great motivation source as long as employees can recognize it and feel identified with it. Culture and many projects of the company bring the meaning of why they do what they do and that it is very logical reason for the company’s members.


  • Work conditions: it is the environment formed by different social, physical,environmental, organizational and psychological features. Work conditions have a great influence over employees behaviour and their motivation. Work conditions consequences over the company  are translated into economic, organizational, humanistic and legal terms, so work conditions is a quite important thing for companies.


  • Development of organization’s member : giving their employees the opportunity to develop their careers and professionally evolve thanks to seminars and other training activities is a very positive factor for company’s inner motivation. It also entails efficiency and profitability.


  • Reinforcing communications: it represents an advantage of an organization good functioning. Communications allow motivating people, which is a strategic lever to boost team motivation. Good communication is essential for a company’s correct functioning and to consolidate its teams. is committed to help you improve your employees energy through the motivation factors of our services which allows better communication and a better quality organization. For more information please contact us.


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