Many companies face a number of problems when receiving calls, since, in order for all these calls to be answered, the company depends on a good previous installation of some customer service, such as a call center online, or a person in charge of receiving these calls, what produces long queues.

These problems occur very often, for this reason, the evolution of technology has allowed call center software services to work online, only requires a computer, tablet or mobile phone to access these calls at any time and from anywhere.

This new system allows companies to offer a good service to their customers, being able to answer the call as quickly as possible and in the most efficient way.

Some companies do not end up being part of this system because they think that if the system runs online it will be of poor quality and this problem may affect the customer.

But these companies are wrong because what makes this new system different is that it is made through the WebRTC of Google; this is a new technology, the evolution of the VoIP system, totally reliable and offers HD quality, that is why companies feel more secure with call center online services.

Thanks to the WebRTC companies will not have to invest in installations, as they will only need to have an Internet connection to make and receive calls, this being the easiest and simplest way to communicate with customers.


Call center online from your computer, tablet or mobile phone


call center online


Nowadays the mobile phone is an essential element for everyone, and thanks to the application that is created, we have access to this call center online service.

In order to be able to distinguish work from personal life, a new general number was created for all employees in the company. This number can be used on the same mobile phone for own use.

In other words, this is a very personalized telemarketing service as you do not depend on any company to receive these calls, you only depend on your own mobile phone.

The application allows you to be connected or not according to your criteria, with this system the calls will be diverted to another agent of the company, so you will not miss any calls.

In addition to receiving and making calls, the call center online service has different functionalities.

These features help the company to be productive in order to capture potential customers or to track loyal customers; these are the recordings or statistics of the calls.

The call recordings will be recorded in the database and can be accessed at any time. On the other hand, the statistics indicate the numbers that have called the company, thus promoting the evolution of these numbers throughout the year.


The process of the calling system

  • Calls will be processed through an intelligent system that manages them according to origin, time zone, language, etc. In this way we provide personalized service to that particular client, thus improving the relationship between client and company.
  • It also has an ACD system that directs the call to the right agent to offer the service the customer wants.
  • All these calls will be answered in the form of a call queue.

As a conclusion, Fonvirtual offers you a call center online service with the aim of offering the best call service and the most personalized customer support possible depending on the needs of each company.


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