What is a contact center and what are its features?

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Publish: Wednesday, Mar 24
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A contact center is a software that manages the company’s external communication. Most commonly, contact centers have one or more head-end numbers from which external agents can contact and be contacted via telephone. These numbers may be toll-free numbers, such as 900 numbers, national geographic landline numbers, or even international numbers if agents need to communicate with customers in other countries.

There are also contact center solutions that integrate other contact channels, in particular, Fonvirtual’s contact center software has the particularity of integrating voice, video, e-mail and instant messaging channels, offering a complete and integrated solution. Some of the communication channels that could be offered in addition to telephone, would be click to speak, WhatsApp, Telegram, email and videoconferencing.

What is a contact center for?

A contact center is mainly used to send and receive communications with customers. However, it is also true that, derived from these actions and their management, other effects are achieved in the company. Mainly they can be used to:

Fostering customer relations: one of the most important functionalities that a contact center software should include is integration with the company’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to help us get to know our customers and strengthen the bond we create with them.


  • Improve the brand image: we can have several channels for the customer to contact the company. This will give them the feeling that they are talking to a company that cares about taking care of its customers, thus improving the image of your product, and therefore also of your brand.


  • Effective technical support and customer service: with the call management functionalities that the contact center has, we will be able to offer a quality service, improving the customer experience. Some of the features that improve the customer service experience are queues with music and priority management, informative voiceovers, interactive options menus and satisfaction surveys.

Characteristics of a contact center

Every customer is totally different and has different needs. Therefore, the contact cannot be the same. The main objective of a contact center is to offer a personalised treatment adapted to the needs of each one, but it also has other fundamental characteristics:

  • Time management: Responding to customer needs in the fastest and most efficient way is a priority, but also that agents invest their working time in tasks that require higher qualification while repetitive tasks are automated, allowing us to manage the time of human resources efficiently. It is also worth highlighting the usefulness of internal communication tools that allow direct contact with colleagues immediately, eliminating unnecessary time.


  • Omnichannel service: As we said, each customer is different. We can find from the customer who wants immediacy in their answers and needs generic attention, in this case we could offer the service and attention via whatsapp, to the customer who has a more complex need and requires a human and close contact with the company, to whom we could offer a more specialised and interactive videoconference attention. With a contact center we will be able to have the company’s communications unified.


  • Multiple simultaneous interactions: With a contact center it is possible to carry out a large number of simultaneous interactions, which will allow us to obtain a large number of potential clients to whom we can offer our services and show what makes our product stand out.


What functionalities does it have? virtual-contact-center

To achieve all the above objectives, there are many integrations that facilitate communication through the contact center:

  • CRM integration: This allows us to optimise customer service, obtaining information about the characteristics and needs of the customer before making contact. It also serves to have all the relevant information of the interactions we have had with customers collected in one place.


  • Artificial intelligence: With this tool we can automate tasks that have a repetitive process and thus use that time in others that require more attention, optimising the management of the agents’ time.


  • Internal communication: Communication between agents is crucial to be able to offer good customer service. Thanks to internal transfers, corporate chats, the change of agent status in real time… we can always be in contact with our colleagues and thus provide a more complete service.


  • Call statistics: Having the possibility of generating automatic customer statistics taking into account the different contact channels facilitates the monitoring of the strategy we have adopted.


  • Supervisor: This tool allows you to have the figure of a supervisor who can review in real time all the activity of the contact center. They can also listen to the calls live and whisper to the agent to guide them and improve the quality of the service.

Nowadays the customer does not have many facilities to be able to obtain attention in a physical place. It is therefore very important that the company has a contact center to provide support and customer service, whether to satisfy needs before or after the purchase. The customer will value very positively to be able to contact from anywhere and to multiple ways of contact.

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