The contact center outsourcing is an important decision with a lot of risks and potential benefits. It is all about one of the most striking options for the companies due to its great benefits that can contribute, for example, thanks to this service it is possible to collaborate with specialized agents. But, probably you are asking yourself, of what exactly consists this service, are you not? Keep reading and you will understand it really quick.

The contact center outsourcing is all about subcontracting the call center software service in order to allow the enterprises to have appropriate management and organized operations structure in an efficient way.

There are many companies that are experts in that service. Thanks to them you can forget solving problems and issues of customer support, like online sales, assistance services, order taking, lead generation, credit and insurance verification, among others.


How contact center outsourcing comes up?

This service is a fruit emerged not many years ago, when bigger and better-organized enterprises noticed that in order to take more advantages of the contact center, the best option is to set them in places with lower living standards (and lower costs). It allows the enterprises to reduce their labour expenses since they will not have to invest so much money in their employees.

The companies which started that practice, also noticed that placing the contact center outsourcing in areas not prone to many natural disasters, where the telecommunication network is strong and the service works in an uninterrupted way, the enterprise excels much more.

Do you need a call center in Asia? Maybe in Europe, the United States or Latin America? You can dispose of a high number of agencies in any place in the world. India is being considered one of the countries most popular for call center outsourcing service due to many factors. Among the main ones we could put the fact that it counts on a great quantity of high-qualified professionals,  cheap services compared with other places, advanced technologies, and infrastructures or a great proportion of the native population that speak fluent English, besides of other foreign languages like French, German or Spanish. For that reason, to count on a Call Center India could become really useful.


call center outsourcing


Main advantages of contact center outsourcing

For what you have already read in this article, you are probably already sure that contact center outsourcing is gaining more points at your company, but if you are still not convinced, we present you its main advantages.

  1. Expansion to international markets. If one of the goals of your company is to expand into new markets, it is your opportunity, without any doubt.
  2. Experts at your disposal. You can count on the best professionals that will meet the call needs of your company in a perfect way. They are qualified people that understand your business and the expectations to achieve. The call manager, additionally, will facilitate the work of agents and supervise them to check if they are doing it properly.
  3. Special attention to bigger responsibilities.  Thanks to the contact center outsourcing you can keep your business completely centered in their main activities, vacating the bigger part of the customer support. It will help to achieve better work performance and consequently, better results.
  4. Great flexibility. If your enterprise needs to change or to enter a new market, or extend its product range, thanks to that service it will not be necessary to estimate the number of workers needed to perform the work activity, since the call center software cost will be fixed, paying only the time the employees have worked.
  5. Continuous customer support. Thanks to the agents responsible for outbound call center at any time of the day, you will have a possibility to provide a 24/7 customer support service. It will help your company to improve their image.
  6. Response capacity at high-demand periods. The contact center outsourcing will allow your company to cover both, the high-demand months, and the periods with lower demands, without any additional effort.
  7. Advanced technology. As we have already mentioned, and following the India example, there are numerous agencies that count on more advanced technologies, improving this way the commercial operations. In addition, since it is stored in the cloud (receiving the name of cloud call center) the agents can work from any place with all facilities it brings them. It will help you to stand out amongst the competition.

Fonvirtual will offer you the contact center service by making available all of the tools necessary to conduct the contact center outsourcing. You have nothing to lose. You can save time, reduce costs and take advantage of the best productive resources. Do not hesitate to contact as if you need any consultation, we will be glad to serve you.


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