A good communication with your clients can help to create a strong relationship with them. As your business keep growing it is becoming more and more difficult to stay in touch with all of them. Here is where a contact center service make your life easier since it helps you to serve your customers in a most effective way.

If you already have clear that the contact center services are what you need you should know that there are several types of them. Depending on the type of your company and what needs it has, it could be either inbound, outbound or mixed. Let’s take a fast look at them.


Outbound contact center service

Outbound contact center, as its name suggests, is when it is the company who is calling the client. There are many businesses which are basing their marketing on outbound calls in order to do telesales; you have probably answered a lot of calls from agents offering you an insurance or a new mobile phone plan. But even if your enterprise does not need to do telemarketing, you can still take advantage of outbound calls. One of the most important reasons to do that is the fact that it is a great source of information to do market research. We know how important it is to know your clients to offer them the best solutions and make phone calls allows you to do surveys or update your customers’ data. Another reason to make calls is purely administrative. You will need to call your clients to make appointments, remind them about their debt or ask for more deliver details.

Features and characteristics

If what you need are outbound contact center services, you should definitely choose the one storaged in the cloud since it counts with some features and characteristics that improve the service and make it much more effective. Check out why it is the best option.

  • Call recording and transcription.  Those are the fundamental tools if your goal is to make a market research. It allows you to analyze all the details of the call so you can decide ex post what is useful for your business and you will be sure that you will not miss any important information. It could also be really helpful when it comes to make deals on the phone, since you can use it to prove the deal was closed correctly and legally.
  • Show the number you want. If you have a several phone lines with numbers from different cities or countries you can choose from which number you want to call and which number will see your client when you call him.
  • Intuitive interface. If you use our virtual call center we will offer you an intuitive interface where you will have the most important information about your clients and where you can have your agenda so you can contact your clients easily.
  • Better price. The contact center services we offer you at Fonvirtual have the lowest price possible, since it is based on WebRTC so you will not need to invest in any additional devices and we offer you a very competitive plans to make outgoing calls to landlines, cell phones and even to foreign numbers without losing its good quality.


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Inbound contact center service

In the business it is not all about about making phone calls, it is even more important to receive them. This is the way to show our customer we care about their problems and  needs. Every not answered call is a client we can lose. For that reason, it is so important to have efficient inbound contact center services. You can use it to give your clients a support they need, to help them solve their problems or questions, to give them a good after-sales service or help them with the technical troubleshooting.

Features and characteristics

Just like in the case of outbounds calls, the best option for receiving calls is to use a cloud based call center software, since it can provide you the best solutions for your business. We present you some of them

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response). It manages your calls using greetings or set of options. You will be able to apply different criteria like dates, languages etc. It is a typical case of: To speak in English press 1, to speak in Spanish press 2… 
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distributor). It distributes the calls you are receiving between different agents in an intelligent and automatic way so you can be sure that your client will be attended to by the most suitable agent.
  • Call queues. Always the best scenario is to answer the phones instantly, however, let’s be realistic, it is not always possible. For that reason, the call queues are so important. It divides the quantity of calls depending on the actual traffic and remain the clients in the queue with a music until the call can be attended to by an agent.
  • Schedules. Many times your clients will call you while there is nobody at the office to answer it. With this feature, the customer will be noticed about your absence and about your working hours. 

Those are just a few of many features we can offer you to provide you the best contact center services.


Mixed contact center service

Mixed contact center services are those which combines both inbound and outbound. We know that it is difficult to choose which one of them is most important, and it is almost impossible to resign one. For that reason at Fonvirtual we bet on the mixed contact center service, since it is the best option for every business. And we still offer it for a reasonable price. Check out more advantages of having mixed contact center services at our website.

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