Distance selling requires collecting payment from a customer in a non-presential way. Credit card payment processing is usually the most chosen method by users and companies.

Today, thanks to technology and globalisation, borders no longer exist. A customer who is thousands of miles from the company can buy and receive services as and when he wants, without bothering to travel or go anywhere to pay, being able to do so from anywhere.


Who is the credit card payment processing by phone aimed at?


Taking card payments over the phone is one of the most effective methods of paying remotely. However, the choice between the different payment solutions depends on the company’s activity.

On the other hand, for online companies, for example, telephone payment platforms are a guarantee of seriousness for the consumer and an effective means of easy and fast collection.


What kind of companies use these credit card payment processing by phone?


Today, telephone payment is a practical tool to boost sales of merchants and independents. The dematerialisation of payment methods is essential in order to reach more consumers or users, especially if the company sells mainly online. But it is not a condition, as companies must consider the different needs of their customers, especially if these are customers from different parts of the world.

It is a service that is favourable to any society that tries to make payment easier for its customers and cares to offer them as much confidence as possible.




Fonvirtual’s new credit card payment processing by phone


Both a conventional and virtual payment terminal are two perfectly viable options for collecting from customers.

Easy to implement and configure, virtual payment platforms work quickly and allow you to accept on-time payments at more affordable prices. In addition, thanks to advances in security, this system attracts more and more buyers who do not want to move with liquidity.


The advantages of the service offered by Fonvirtual


Fonvirtual offers the new credit card payment processing by phone, a different service par excellence, automatic, instant and PCI certified.

All transactions will be carried out through an intelligent program, which means that there will be no human intervention and that the information will not be stored, but will be processed directly by the bank. Do you still have doubts about the security of these operations?

With Fonvirtual there is nothing to worry about. The telephone collection service is 100% secure and complies with data security standards for the PCI-DSS payment card industry, making all transactions totally secure.

It is a service established by a high capacity, automated system. You can make as many transactions as you want, whenever you want. The credit card payment processing by phone guarantees 24-hour availability. Our goal is to offer a good service, with good features, at a good price and good quality.

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