Customers are the central part of any business. Without customers it is unimaginable for a business to grow and prosper. Therefore, a business’ success depends on the relationship it builds and maintains with their customers. At Fonvirtual, we believe that there is nothing more important than client satisfaction, and that is why we work everyday to ensure the quality of our products and of our customer service. One of the best ways to ensure client satisfaction is using Computer Telephony Integration, CTI.


CTI stands for Computer Telephony Integration which is a rather misunderstood concept. But today, thanks to this article you will understand everything there is to know about CTI. In a simple and easy to understand language, we can say that CTI is a term to describe a technology that lets you use a computer to initiate, control, and manage, all types of mobile phone calls. CTIs are most typically paired with customer relationship management (CRM) or accounting software. (Read our article about Customer Relationship Management or CRM).


With a proper CTI in place, agents or customer executives can communicate and interact with their customers easily, efficiently, and with full confidence. Since it removes the gap between a phone system and other existing programs, agents can have all the much pertinent information they need within their reach. Integrating your CTI with your Fonvirtual virtual PBX provides many features such as screen popping (triggering a caller’s number and other data at the moment of a call), phone controls, feature controls, automated dialing, call notes, recording, waiting, diverting, forwarding and many more essential features which you expect from CTI.





How does the integration of your CTI with Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX work?


Here is how the integration of your CTI to our solution works:


  1. When a customer calls your company it provides all information regarding the customer before routing the call to an agent.
  2. Then the call is forwarded to the appropriate department depending on the customer’s need expressed while pressing a button (type 1 for customer service, type 2 for commercial service, etc.)
  3. A pop up screen appears on the agent or customer executive’s screen, showing the incoming call, and along with that it displays all the customer’s information such as previous calls, caller name, company, etc.
  4. Using this information the agent can help the customer or even divert or forward the call to an expert or the head of the center if he is unable to solve the customer’s issue. This will ultimately help in reducing the total time spent on each call and also increase the number of issues or problems that are solved.
  5. In this way, CTI plays a crucial role between the customer and the agent which often leads to high customer satisfaction because customers look for full support and attention at each stage of the purchasing of a product or service.


Why choosing to integrate your CTI with Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX will lead to your company’s success


You will find many different integration offers on the market, but Fonvirtual is the best without any doubt. Its virtual PBX and call center software offer focuses on three key aspects: accessibility, customer service using an ACD cloud system, and agent mobility. Combining your virtual PBX or call center software to your CTI will provide you with numerous benefits, such as routine follow ups, easy call handling, improvement in agent’s performance, accuracy and agility in support, enhanced caller experience, etc. and all this, at a very low cost because we believe that high price tags should not come in between our long lasting relations.


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