The Cloud based custom PBX from Fonvirtual offers various features, and the call queue is one of them. The call queue of a cloud or virtual PBX helps companies managing their incoming calls, which cannot be attended at a given moment. It works the exact same way as queuing in real life in any shop or bank. The incoming calls form a virtual queue in the order they enter and they get automatically assigned to an agent as soon as one becomes free.


custom PBX


Nowadays, thanks to technological progress, you can personalize your call queue thanks to the custom PBX.   

How can you personalize your call queue of the custom PBX?

There are more ways and criteria to personalize a call queue

  • The maximum amount of calls that can enter a call queue
  • The maximum amount of time a call can stay in a queue
  • The different audio messages which users hear when entering a queue. It could be a greeting message, playing music while waiting or a even a goodbye message after exhausting the maximum waiting time
  • Penalizing phone extensions, which do not reply to calls waiting in the queue even after they become free


Adapt the call queue to improve the customer service of your custom PBX


Customer service management is one of the principal interests of many companies. They are aware of the fact that the customer service directly affects the rentability of their business – in a positive or negative way.


The benefits of improving the customer service of the custom PBX of your company:

  • Stronger customer loyalty
  • Faster buying process
  • Increased sales
  • Reinforced brand image and consequently superior costs to your competition
  • Attracting new clients thank to positive reviews
  • Lower marketing costs when attracting lost clients
  • Improved complaint solving
  • Customer proximity, which improves the client activity

These are the few benefits that can be achieved by improving the customer service of the custom PBX through call queuing and therefore we recommend taking this feature into account. The best part is that Fonvirtual offers this feature for free, without any additional costs.


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