Every summer, staff in your company begin to take off for vacation. With less staff, you often end up with dissatisfied customers and you feel like your company may collapse. Thankfully, there are solutions to increase the efficiency of your company during these times thanks to custom virtual PBX. 


An obvious example is the custom virtual PBX, which can adapt perfectly to the needs of the company. This offers a solution to make your staff more mobile, and they can still receive calls from anywhere. 


No need to turn off your phone during the break


If you have a company that receives a large influx of calls, you can use customization phone options that are an optimal response to your eager customers. For example, if you want to only receive urgent calls while you are on vacation or forward your calls to someone who still is in the office, a custom virtual PBX will handle it. Urgent calls will now be taken care of. 




For the control freaks


If you’re the type of person who can’t unplug, your mobile extensions makes this easy. You can be on the beach and still take calls from your cell phone or tablet, as long as you have internet. In addition, you can check on statistics to see how your business is doing while you are away. View the performance of your business activity or make calls and video calls anywhere, on any device, without the need to buy new equipment. All you need is you and the internet.


Key functions that go beyond


A custom virtual PBX is completely modernized compared to traditional telephone PBX systems by contributing value and efficiency in the performance of the tasks that are carried out. Some of the functions you can use are customized options menu, call directing, call recording, voice mailboxes that will also notify you by email, schedules, call transfer, queues, statistics, virtual numbers, filtering by origin, white listing and blacklisting, jump groups, and transcription of messages. 

These new functions help create an image of your company that transcends the usual. Your business communication methods using custom virtual PBX can now be just as exciting as your trip.