Taking care of the customer support has always been one of the main priorities at the company, however in last decades, the role of the systems dedicated to user experience has become more relevant. The customer service call center is the one which has undergone that important evolution and which now is an essential part of any company that wants to highlight its services.

Most people while hearing about the customer service call center system used to imagine a room full of machines managing the phone calls of the company. But, it is far from the reality. That system refers to a quite wide vision and, unlike a few years ago, now is something usual between the enterprises.

Let’ go back to the past, so we can appreciate that concept. I was in 60’s when the system similar to a call center software was introduced for the first time. It was all about the ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), and its function was to administrate the inbound calls of big enterprises by assigning it to different agents.

The purpose of those who were looking for the ACD was to achieve working in a more efficient way within the company. The same decade was considered as the beginning of a search for more effective and efficient communication between consumers, entrepreneurs, and employees.

Currently, the ACD system keeps performing by implementing contact center solutions. And those who want to provide to their customers a high-quality service, also introduce the IVR call center feature. It is an automatized telephony system completely personalizable that interacts with the user through the voice and the keypad.


Does the awareness of the importance of using the customer service call center system exists?




Even though in comparison with a few years ago, the call center business is growing, there is still a long way to make the companies, which still have not applied it, see that not having a good customer service call center system means an automatic position behind the competence.

The main problem is the lack of knowledge and information. Few companies have realized the source of exploitation that implies the customer service call center system to satisfy the customer support’s and call management’s needs at the companies.

The Forrester analysts, after a recent investigation, sign the important statement that 73% of the clients contact the call center softwares to solve any doubt or inquiry they have. It supposes a too high number to allow having a company which puts aside the customer support service. But, the problem is not only that the call management, and consequently, its works are less efficient, but additionally, the clients will not be satisfied with the service, and it will make decrease the sales considerably.

The benefits one obtain thanks to the customer service call center system are numerous. We mention some of them so you can see on your own the advantages it brings you: Reduction of call duration since the call automatization will make your agents be able to meet fast a need of their clients, reduction of call waiting  thanks to an effective management and administration of the service, efficient localization of responses since the call center software system will assign the calls to a corresponding agents, high-quality customer support service thanks to a call manager expert who will help the agents, and reduction of the amount of calls (for example, in some cases the call center softwares allow clients to search and book their own medical appointment).

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