Client filtering with a PBX in the cloud


Every person is unique. This simple sentence summarizes the world of business very well since each client is different. And so treating all the clients the same way could result as a big mistake. One of the features of a PBX in the cloud or cloud PBX offered by Fonvirtual is customer filtering based on the call origin.

The PBX in the cloud allows you to filter your incoming calls by the origin and so you can attribute a certain level of priority to each call – in a positive or negative sense.

  • VIP numbers: Your company can create lists of the most important numbers. These numbers will be treated with high priority. For example, customers calling from these numbers will not have to listen to messages, go through the options menu or you can grant them the possibility to make phone calls outside of the working hours. This feature is a great solution for important clients since they do not need to go through all the departments, they can be directly connected with their agent.


  • Blacklist: In this list, you can include clients who you do not wish to talk to. This feature makes the client believe that his call is not important and that it will never be answered. You can include a fake call queue, which will not be answered.


PBX in the cloud


Customer types


  • The Colleague

These clients behave as real friends and therefore they believe that they deserve to be treated in a special way.


  • The Complaining Customer

The type of clients who intend to obtain advantages by complaining, by telling you about their problems or negative experience. They hope to obtain their objective by playing it on your emotions.


  • The Impatient Customer

They want everything and immediately. They believe that their time is precious and they do not want to waste it by waiting. The best way to treat these clients is by maintaining a friendly and respectful attitude without getting influenced by their behaviour or raising your voice.


  • The Choleric

Clients who always find a reason to be annoyed. They do not care about problem-solving, they just want to be heard.


  • The Indecisive

The doubting clients. Even if you repeatedly try explaining to them how things work, there is a high chance that they will not understand. Dealing with them means loss of time for the company.


  • The Lazy

The unresponsive clients. They do not create difficulties, you just have to take their hand and lead them. Dealing with them means loss of time for the company.


  • The Intelligent

The client who knows everything better than anyone else. They communicate by giving orders and by commanding.


  • The Businessperson

The client who looks at everything as a challenge. They need to negotiate and win to feel satisfied.



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