The value of having customer interaction analysis in CRM.


In today’s business world, where informed decision making is essential, having the right information is a key to a company’s success. The digital era has led to the transformation of multiple aspects of business management, including customer relationship management (CRM) and the application of artificial intelligence (AI) for business in various processes.  One of the most significant advances in this area is the ability to integrate information extracted with AI from customer interactions with the company into the CRM.This allows agents to optimize their focus on customer satisfaction and strategic decision making. In this vein, platforms such as the one offered by Fonvirtual, which combines multichannel webRTC technology with artificial intelligence, are playing a crucial role by providing accurate transcripts, detailed summaries and sentiment analysis of conversations, adding a new level of depth to CRM data management.

Customer interaction information in CRM

The heart of every successful business consists in its ability to understand and meet the changing needs of its customers. This is where CRM plays a critical role. Collecting and storing data in CRM allows companies to track past interactions with customers, but the real wealth of information lies in the ability to analyze and extract meaningful insights from these interactions. This is where conversation analytics and AI applied in CRM comes into play. Each interaction represents a valuable opportunity to uncover individual behavior patterns, preferences and needs. 

Imagine having the ability to automatically analyze conversations with customers, identifying patterns in language, intonation and emotions expressed. Imagine instantly having a summary of the key points of every interaction you have with the customer via call, WhatsApp chat or any other communication channel. Dumping all this information into the CRM and having access to it would be crucial to make informed decisions at all levels of the company. CRM data derived from conversations is the fuel that feeds the machinery of innovation and continuous improvement. This is one of the key functions that Fonvirtual’s enterprise AI platform offers. 

Transcribe, summarize and analyze with Fonvirtual 

WebRTC technology enables real-time communication over the web, and when combined with AI, becomes a powerful tool for call analysis. Conversations are automatically transcribed into text, allowing for easier indexing and searching of information. The ability to summarize long conversations into key points is invaluable for quick review and efficient decision making.

Fonvirtual’s artificial intelligence applied to business communications also allows us to obtain certain information that is of particular interest, such as, for example, what has been the attitude of my agent in his customer service or if it is detected that there has been a real intention to buy in the conversation.

Sentiment analysis is also of great value. Next-generation AI can capture emotional nuances in conversations, providing deep comprehension about how customers feel about the products or services offered. This insight can guide marketing strategies, product development and customer experience improvement in a meaningful way. Identifying dissatisfaction early enables companies to address issues before they become major problems, which directly contributes to customer retention and loyalty.

Call analytics fed into CRM brings a whole new dimension to customer relationship management. Combining webRTC technology with enterprise AI, such as that offered by Fonvirtual, enables deeper understanding of phone conversations, facilitating data-driven, informed decision making and increases customer satisfaction. Companies that implement this technology will not only be better equipped to meet today’s challenges, but will also be positioned to lead in a future driven by artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

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