What do people understand when we talk about Call Center system?


Generally, when you hear about a call center system, people imagine that it is a service adopted only by large companies with dozens, even hundreds of employees, equipped with integrated headsets and microphones that answer all calls received, or make calls to customers.

However, the reality is that it is not only large companies that integrate a Call center service, and that its only function is not the reception and emission of calls.

Small companies also integrate the Call center software and not just to make and receive calls, but it goes further.

Call centers are installed for a variety of reasons, not only to answer after-sales service calls but also for commercial purposes such as marketing campaigns.

Bearing in mind that the customer is one of the essential aspects and that companies must be taken care of more, in addition to representing the turnover, call centers have taken an important role in these processes of communication and customer loyalty.

The company must attach great value to the external environment because it cannot evolve without taking it into account; in fact, if it forgets about it, its activities will fall and the customer will look for other solutions among competitors.


How can a Call Center system solve these problems?


Making use of a Call center system is the best way when you want to provide good customer service, in order to offer a quality service and be able to manage customer data to be able to attend their queries in a personalized manner.




The benefits of Fonvirtual’s Call Center system


Among the functionalities offered by Fonvirtual’s cloud contact center , it is important to mention, among other things, the recording of calls at the end of each telephone conversation.

The call is recorded and stored in the database. This recording can be listened to at any time to help you better understand the client and improve the attention and commitment of the agent with the client.

Therefore, in terms of development, the Call Center software facilitates the constitution of an important base of clients, the expansion of new markets and the image of a potential company dedicated to its clients.

The Call Center software is a system that is integrated within the company and no longer requires new installations or equipment, but works through the Internet, thanks to the WebRTC. All you have to do is wear a headset with a microphone when working with your computer or simply a mobile phone with an integrated headset and microphone if you want to have greater flexibility of movement.


This service offers many value-added functionalities, queues, HD voice quality, call transfer, and the control of calls offered to agents during the telephone conversation.

The Call Center software allows agents to transfer the call to other agents who can better advise the customer.

In general, Call Center software helps companies grow quickly. This simplifies the management of customer service, allowing the team to make and receive a greater volume of calls than if made through a traditional call center.

The call center can help all types of companies, of the size and sector to which they dedicate themselves. They will be able to dedicate better assistance to their clients and the agents will have a more flexible and easy work.

In conclusion, with Fonvirtual’s Call Center system, you will be able to increase your sales, accelerate the growth and expansion of the company, as well as save time and money.


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