Video conferencing is a testament to the dawn of technology. It  is one of the best methods to communicate one-on-one, or many-to-many. In 2019, the video conferencing market was valued at over $5.1 million, and it is continuing to grow. Hence, we suggest that you opt for a proper video conference service. In that case, Fonvirtual, is a name that should come to your mind. Discover the Online Video Conference.

At Fonvirtual, we have chosen to go one step further in order to provide you the best and most affordable online conferencing service. We have always thought that high price tags should not come in between our long lasting relationships with our clients. Fonvirtual’s Video Conference Service will not only allow you conduct video conferences, but will also allow you to perform a high number of tasks efficiently. Discover other online video conference features are mentioned below.

  • You can organise a number of meetings, webinars, online conferences, and create live sessions based upon your needs.
  •  You can conduct them whenever you want and wherever you want.
  • Thanks to WebRTC technology, Fonvirtual’s Video Conferencing service allows you to benefit from professional advantages such as HD quality, call transcriptions, audio recordings and other amazing features.


Conducting Online Conferences


You can create virtual meeting rooms which others can join upon your invitation, by simply clicking on a link that you sent them, or enter a password that you should give them prior to entering the room. The room can be accessed from any computer, so people from all around the world can join your video conferences upon your invitation. You can also share your screen and enjoy many unique interactive features. You can record your meeting in HD quality so that you can access it whenever and wherever you like. This aspect is important, if you want to remember something that was said, and it also helps you improve customer service.


Conducting Webinars


You can also conduct online webinars, events and conferences. Your audience will be able to follow you either through a link that you sent. Again, you will be able to benefit from our special Fonvirtual features. You will be able to conduct the event whilst sharing your screen, and have an HD recording of everything that has been said, available to you. You can also use collaboration tools and measure online activity while you are speaking.



Employee Training for Customer Support


You can create customer support training sessions for your employees. Through our state-of-the-art video conferencing technology, you can do this at any time and from any location. The server supports an endless number of participants with whom you can interact live. Our special features are available here as well.


The Benefits of Fonvirtual’s Video Conference


Our technology gives you quite an advantage over your competitors in many ways. Some of them are mentioned below:


  1. The server is available from any browser thanks to WebRTC technology. We have also created an app to add to your convenience which you can use on your mobile phone.


  1. There is absolutely no limit as to how many people can join your session or the online meeting. Therefore you can interact live with as many people as you like.


  1. There is no time limit for your video conference. Enjoy unlimited time limits and take as much time as you like to go through your meeting.


  1. Fonvirtual provides services with a lightning speed. HD quality recording of the entire meeting is available straight from our server as soon as you are done.


  1. Unique features such as screen sharing, HD recording, unlimited number of users, etc. Furthermore, Fonvirtual provides a user-friendly interface.


So, if you are looking for a reliable Video Conference service provider, with numerous features, Fonvirtual’s video conference system is going to suit you perfectly, because we have experience in this field, and we are a professional trusted provider.

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