Far from the traditional vacuum cleaner or encyclopedias seller which stepped out our doors, the doorstep selling industry has expanded its action field in the past years. Care products, candles, lingerie, kitchen supplies and toys are the new products which are being sensational within doorstep sales. It was labelled as sloppy in the past but the doorstep selling is generating a buch of careers out of it.


Given the doorstep selling volume of sales ( a raise of 7’7% globally) it can be considered as a dynamic industry. In 2015 in France companies which have chosen this sales channel have maken more than 4000 millions of euros of profits.


A diverse distribution channel

Gastronomy, industrial, beauty care or entertainment are only a few examples of industries in which doorstep selling is getting more usual. In 2015 culinary industry has become one of the most dynamic industries, followed by the cloth and fashion industry, home renovation, healthcare and finally cosmetics.


Doorstep selling a source of stable employment

Nowadays more than 64000 people work for doorstep selling companies and 99% of employed sellers are working with a long term contract.


Sellers are younger now more than ever and they mostly need flexibility in order to do their visits and close sales. This job has been labeled as a sloppy job for a long time and nowadays it requires a more professional image for their clients.


Virtual switchboard, a professional image which remains flexible


Being a doorstep seller gives you lots of flexibility, Sellers could choose to work on a reduced schedule or full time choosing freely their schedules but for a more professional image, it is important to avoid cell phone numbers to contact actual or potential clients.


Fonvirtual virtual switchboard or virtual PBX is ideal for doorstep sellers who are willing to keep it professional since it makes it possible with a virtual landline number. Calls would be diverted to a cell phone number and people who call would not notice under any circumstances that the phone is being received and handle through a cell phone. Furthermore there are many other functionalities such as voicemail or setting up schedules to make sure your career doesn’t interfere in your personal life outside the office…etc.

For more information about the virtual switchboard contact Fonvirtual.com

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