If you are thinking about having a contact center at your enterprise, you cannot forget about the importance of the call manager. He or she will be the most important person on the team and the success of it will depend on him or her. When we are looking for a right person for the position, we need to find someone who has characteristics of a good leader, like critical thinking, multitasking ability, problem-solving and decision making, among others. But we need to remember that even if we hire the best call manager in the world, it might not be enough to have an effective contact center. If we do not provide them with the tools he or she needs to make it run, we could not even bother building the call center. At Fonvirtual we know exactly what are the needs of the supervisor and we have created call center services with special features that will make his or her tasks much simpler and much more effective.

Technology support for the call manager

There are many important features our call center can offer you to make the call manager work in a more effective way and to help improve your contact center.


When you hire our call center software service you will have an access to an app for your desktop, cell phone or tablet. You will find there on live all useful information the call manager might need. It is a great way to have control over all inbound and outbound phone calls. Also, he or she could use it to activate and deactivate call center agents, according to their availability. It gives him or her a total control over the incoming calls to be sure that the call will not be directed to the call center agent who cannot answer it.

Call transcription and call recording

While an agent is speaking with clients, the supervisor will receive a transcription on live of the content of the conversation. If you analyze all the details really carefully, you could find a useful commercial information about your clients and improve not only your customer support but also your products or services. This option is available in many languages so you can also covered the needs of your foreign clients.

If you are not convinced about the call transcription you can always use our other feature which is the call recording. It is another source of information about your clients. The call manager can use it to easily find a particular piece of content in a conversation. If you do not want to have too many files with call recording you can set up which type of conversation you want to be recorded. For example, you can choose to record only the calls of your most important clients or the calls made by particular agents or any other criteria you wish.


call manager


Support for agents

One of the most important tasks of a call manager is being a leader for the agents and help them when they need him or her. At Fonvirtual we offer you a great solution to do it without moving from your office. You have an option to listen on live the conversations your agents have, so you can monitor how are they doing and whether they need any help. If so, there is an option of internal chat to exchange messages or to whisper an additional information during the conversation (the client will not hear it). It is a really great way to train new agents and make sure they can make and receive calls on their own. And if it needed, there is also a possibility to make a 3-way calling, so the supervisor can intervene whenever he or she wants and make a conversation between the supervisor, agent, and client.


As we said earlier, one of the most important characteristics of a good call manager is to be decision-making, but it is hardly impossible to make any decision without the information that could support it. For that reason, at Fonvirtual we offer you completely personalizable statistics so you can measure whatever you find relevant related to inbound and outbound phone calls, like missing calls, waiting times, average conversational times, saturated calls or any other parameter you want. The statistics will be updated on time and you will have a possibility to export it either to Excel or Word.

To sum up, it is important to hire a right person as a call manager, but it is even more important to hire a right call center service to make his or her tasks much more effective. There are a lot of new technologies coming up in the business world, so do not waste the opportunity of using it, because if you do, your competitors surely do not. So do not think it twice and ask us for the plans for your call center software.  

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