The war between the representatives of EU countries and mobile network providers about the end of roaming services in Europe finally comes to an end. The borders have disappeared in respect to mobile call fees. However, there are certain limitations you need to be aware of.


end of roaming


Many questions arise with these changes and we will try to answer them in the following lines.

When, where and how can I use the free roaming service?


The new law took effect on 15 June 2017 and as of this day, local fees of your network provider apply to all the calls in any EU country.
A frequently asked question is regarding the phone settings. The answer is very simple – you don’t need to make absolutely any adjustments on your phone in order to be able to use the free roaming service. The network providers are obliged to provide it too all their users. You only have to make sure that you have activated roaming on your device.
At the moment, you can enjoy the free roaming service in all 28 EU countries. The United Kingdom is included on the list until it officially leaves the European Union. However, no one knows what will happen after the Brexit. Andorra stays out of the free roaming zone but offers the cheapest roaming fees in the World.

Does roaming depend on my line and my monthly phone plan?

The roaming doesn’t depend on the type of your contract with the network provider nor your monthly phone plan. You can use your domestic tariffs all over Europe without any difference.


What to do when staying abroad for a longer period or if I live close to the borders?


Users who are planning to stay abroad for a longer time can keep their phone plans even if it might be more convenient getting a local number.
Users living close to the borders can stop worrying about their mobile phones connecting to the networks of the neighbouring country.  


Will the prices of the fees increase because of the free roaming?

In the recent years, the prices have been increasing. Therefore the free roaming service isn’t the one to blame since it is not a new tendency.


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