How to ensure digital accessibility in customer service

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Sep 28

One of the many innovations in customer service of companies is a fundamental element: guaranteeing digital accessibility in order to adapt them to the elderly or to those who suffer from a form of hearing impairment that makes it difficult or impossible to use certain contact channels such as voice calls.

In this sense, in order to make our company more accessible, we must look for alternative solutions and channels that allow us to adapt and offer a quality, simple and practical service for everyone.

Not yet aware of all the options you have for making your customer service accessible? We show you below!

What do we mean by digital accessibility?

Before we present the elements you can implement to ensure accessibility of your customer service, it is important that you know what exactly is meant by this term.

We could approach the concept of universal accessibility as “the condition that environments, processes, goods, products and services, as well as objects or instruments, tools and devices, must meet in order to be understandable, usable and practicable by all persons in conditions of safety and comfort and in the most autonomous and natural way possible”.

In this context, digital accessibility means, for example, having different communication channels on digital media, such as our website, so that users, when they contact our company, can choose the one that best suits them or their situation.

The benefits of digital accessibility of customer service

Providing accessible customer service has many advantages, not only for customers but also for companies:

  • The first benefit is an increase in customer satisfaction. By making the process simpler and more convenient for everyone, we encourage consumers to contact us with their questions, while improving their user experience and ensuring that they find a product or service that suits their needs.
  • Related to the above, improving our customers’ satisfaction levels with the service they receive, also allows us to increase the rate of loyalty. Users will be encouraged to repeat their experience with us and also recommend us to their family and friends.
  • Digital accessibility allows us to improve our results and increase the number of people the product can reach.
  • Finally, digital accessibility allows us to improve the image of our company. Customers perceive that our company cares about providing a quality service to all users, regardless of their condition or age. With this, we will also be able to create long-term relationships of trust with them.


Tools to ensure digital accessibility of customer service

It is common to think that digital accessibility solutions are complex, expensive or aesthetic. But this is not true, because there are simple tools that do not require a large investment and can also be adapted to the image of our company. 

Here are some of them:

Real-time chat

In order to guarantee digital accessibility, we can implement a universal instant messaging option: real-time chat, available via a button on the company’s website, which allows text messages to be sent in real time. In this way, the customer will simply have to click on the button through any browser to be able to initiate communication with an agent and solve their doubts without waiting.

On the other hand, this system can be complemented with features such as cobrowsing solutions. With them, it is possible to navigate with our customers and accompany them to facilitate the performance of certain actions (making a payment, filling in a form, signing a document…), improving their user experience and offering them a comfortable, simple and accessible navigation process.


In addition to the previous option, another instant messaging application with which we can guarantee the accessibility of customer service is WhatsApp, which meets these requirements, as it can be used by anyone, regardless of its characteristics. 


In addition, although it is now possible to use it also through the web version, it tends to be used more on mobile devices. So, as well as complying with the regulations, it helps us to break the digital divide that makes it so difficult the relation between customers and companies. 

Video calls

Finally, for hearing-impaired users who need personalized attention via sign language, video conferencing buttons are the appropriate tool.

By clicking on it, the user can receive personalized attention from a specialized agent. Not only do we guarantee digital accessibility, but we also offer an optimal user experience for all.

In addition, for the elderly or those without strong technological skills, this button is a simple one-click solution to initiate communication.

As with the previous option, it can also be supplemented with features such as collection browsing, so that we can also guide our customers through this.


All these channels can be included in our website through customizable buttons. At Fonvirtual, we provide you with the widget so that you can adapt it to the image and characteristics of your company.

Finally, although there are alternative means that the new law obliges us to have, we must not forget the contacts that occur through voice calls. It is therefore important to have a solution that allows us to integrate all channels in a single platform. 

With it, not only will we be able to manage all customer contact channels from one place, without having to switch from one application to another, but we will also be able to add or remove those channels we need to make our customer service more accessible. Contact us if you want to know more!

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