As the popular song of the Clash, london calling would be the most heard sentence in your company after the Brexit. This would be possible thanks to a virtual phone system like a virtual phone number UK.


A british virtual phone number or virtual phone system could be your best tool to keep your business in the country and to exploit new opportunities that other companies have left away after the Brexit.


The way it works is quite simple. It is a virtual phone system wihich works as a number that seems like an ordinary phone number from Manchester, Liverpool, Brighton…with its proper local prefix. What makes this phone number so special is the fact that it can divert calls to another landline or cell phone number in another country.


Furthermore it allows the incorporation of pabx functionalities in order to show a more professional, international and serious company image. Some of these functionalities are , call branching, call recording, call queuing, voice mail. setting customer services schedules and many others.


In you will find international phone numbers from several countries or national phone numbers from different regions. You can get any of these numbers without contract period of time restrictions.

london calling


How to face Brexit with an UK virtual phone system?


The Brexit is how is popularly known the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU. The process begun the 23rd of june in 2016 when the british people voted in a referendum about whether they believed if the country should remain in the EU or whether it shouldn’t. The results of the referendum were a 52% in favor of leaving the European Union and break the engagement with the rest of european partners.


As was expected, the Brexit brings a lot of uncertainties. It is particularly important to know how would the exit process be and how would it affect the labor and economic market. Therefore there are many enterprises that are starting to consider getting an UK virtual phone number.


A United Kingdom virtual phone system could be extremely useful. It is particularly useful since it allows people who call your company to believe that your company is settled anywhere within the UK territory.


Often the effect of the country virtual phone system is underestimated, especially its effects for commercial relationships. The number of the virtual phone system boost people’s trust in your company, particularly when there has been a separatist trend and some kind of rejection towards the rest of european countries.


The United Kingdom virtual phone number is the best tool to avoid the roaming uncertainty in the UK. Since july 2017 there is free roaming within the EU countries but anything has been said yet about the UK being or not being part of this agreement.


The uncertainty is present at any level because nobody knows what restrictions there will be and how will british companies operate when doing business with companies outside the UK.

In addition there are a particularly tricky situation with Gibraltar. A small english territory within the Iberian Peninsula where there are strong relationships with the spanish market. The synergy of  labor sources in both countries have been crucial for the development of Gibraltar and the nearest spanish villages around. In this case spanish people can get UK phone numbers and Gibraltar citizens can get spanish virtual phone numbers for the virtual phone system in