Ways to work has been reinvented by technology. Today, not everyone dreams of your typical 9-5 desk job. Many professionals have decided to go their own way with freelance work. This is where fax online comes into play.


In order to keep organized, either from the office or elsewhere, basic communication tools are necessary. Fax online for freelancers is a communication technique that must be taken into account.

What is fax online?


It is a new form of fax that uses email to send and receive fax. Never again will you have to worry about buying a physical fax machine or other equipment. There’s also no need for phone lines or cables at this day and age.


It should be made clear that fax through email is not just a regular email. The online fax service requires a particular registration process in order for it to work.  If you are not yet a customer of an online fax service, you should look for a platform such as Faxvirtual that provides this service.


Once you are registered you will have to fill out a form with the same of your company, the email address and a fax number you would like to port (if you already have one). Then, you can attach the fax as a pdf file to the email you would like to send.


The fax service also provides data that is not sent through an ordinary email. For example, you will receive a confirmation receipt once your fax is sent. When you first register, you will provide an email address where you would like to receive these emails that confirm your fax was sent to the final destination.


Lastly, you will fill out a security field, such as a captcha, to indicate that you are not another bot trying to send spam fax or mail to other companies.


fax online


How do you send fax online?


Subscribing to an online fax service is usually a very affordable alternative for freelancers. They do not need to invest any time or money on unnecessary equipment and physical telephone lines.


Once you know how to send a fax through email, you will have the best form of communication with suppliers and customers. The procedure is simple and quick:


  1. Access the online fax management program
  2. Click on the button that says “New Email”.
  3. Fill in the recipient field with the fax number followed by an at (@) and the name of the server providing the service. (Example: 99999999@example.com)
  4. Attach the document you want to send to the recipient. It is suggested to use PDF format to guarantee the sharpness of the image. This way, the recipient will be able to read your document clearly without any issues.
  5. You will then have to wait a few minutes until you receive the confirmation receipt in your inbox confirming that your fax was delivered and received correctly by the recipient.


This fax alternative is an economical and environmentally friendly communication solution for all freelancers.  It is a practical and similar procedure as sending an email, but with the feature of sending large fax files to other fax numbers.


Online fax services for the self-employed


All types of businesses must offer basic communication services in order to be able to extend the information of the products they offer to their suppliers and customers.


Online fax services solve all problems involving distance, equipment, cabling, and connection. The service has become practical, easy, fast, economical and safe. In this type of communication, the information travels directly from the sender’s computer or cellphone to the recipient without any obstacles. The sender will also receive a receipt of acknowledgement that the fax was received correctly.


If you are a freelance worker, don’t miss this great opportunity to receive and send fax online through online fax.