The telecommunications sector is undergoing a process of change and renewal, offering new solutions and products to both companies and individuals. In Spain, ever since a few years ago, fiber without fixed telephone lines began being offered. This is one of the most significant changes to phone and internet services. Both services would often be sold separately, up until now.

Fiber optics without fixed telephones is booming in the business world. Companies now have the possibility of hiring high-speed internet services without specialized phone lines according to their business needs. In addition, in many cases, the separation of these services turns out to be more economical.


Why Fiber without a Fixed Phone?


Many companies have decided to contract their internet provider without a phone line. This is largely due to the possibility that this formula offers companies to be able to adapt these services to the particular needs of their company.

On many occasions they were forced to contract fiber and landline packages with features and functionalities that exceeded their needs, or on other occasions they did not manage to satisfy their demand completely. Added to this were the costs of contracting two services together, when you might only need one.

In this situation, there are more and more companies that offer internet without a phone line, both to companies and to individuals.




Advantages for companies who contract fiber without a fixed line


We can summarize the reasons why companies prefer to hire fiber without a fixed line in three steps:


Contracting a phone service with separate specialized operator


The freedom of contracting both your internet and telephony services separately can be a great advantage. Above all, it allows companies to find the most suitable and specialized operator for their needs.

Not all companies require the same functionalities, so they look for specialized operators, mostly operators specialized in virtual PBX phone systems and professional fixed telephony.

This provides advantages for all companies, since by contracting a telephone system with a specialized operator, you will manage to improve customer service, as well as save time and costs.

In order to achieve the success of your company, it is enough to use virtual PBX. With the features and advantages offered by virtual PBX today, you can forget about the problems of traditional telephony and experience a great service operated through the internet. Virtual PBX allows workers to forget about manual work, since the whole service will be automated and operated through the cloud.

In addition, you can give your customers a more personalized attention, which will translate into customer loyalty and success of your business.

The reason why you should contract with an operator specialized in telephony, which offers the virtual PBX is simple: you will get better features and the telephone service will be completely personalized.


Reduce Costs


Another reason to subscribe fiber without a fixed phone is to reduce your costs in these services. In addition, the larger your company, the more you will be interested in contracting fiber without a telephone.

Fiber without a fixed telephone, compared to fiber with a fixed telephone, does not always have to be cheaper, but it does lead to indirect savings in the price of telephony. Therefore, the company’s communications costs will be reduced to the extent that you contract with different operators.

Specialized telephony does not lead to increased costs. Quite the contrary. At present, the existence of WebRTC technology makes it possible to lower costs with respect to traditional telephony. In addition, cloud systems provide tools and features that are unattainable for traditional providers.

However, it should be added that everything depends on the internet and telephone service you are looking for, as well as its characteristics.

A company with few workers may not have such a significant difference in price. However, the new features you can adopt within your company will make the difference. You will no longer have to hire an established package deal. You can now choose the specific features you want that best suits your business needs.

On the other hand, companies with a larger number of customer service agents on their staff will notice the difference in costs. The difference in price is accompanied, as for small companies, by the possibility of adding new tools in the company. Therefore, contracting fiber and fixed separately adds value to the company.


Have a backup connection


Having a backup connection in your company can save you on many occasions, especially in those companies where the work depends almost 100% on an internet connection. This can be the case with virtual PBXs.

In these cases, the backup connection that the company contracts as support in case the main fiber suffers a fall, will prevent the loss of the work or the company suffers a stop in its activity.

To avoid problems and ensure a good internet connection at all times, companies choose to hire a second fiber (outside the main one). Obviously, this fiber will be hired by companies without a fixed telephone, as the latter would not contribute anything. Besides, it will be important to contract the fiber without fixed backup with different providers, so that in case of an internet failure, we can continue working without stopping.

In all these cases, it is crucial for companies to be able to contract fiber without a fixed phone. The business world is looking for fiber solutions without fixed lines to be able to reach customer needs without having to count on extra services or costs. The virtual PBX will be your biggest benefit if you are looking for an operator for your specialized communication system.


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