The digital revolution is bringing many changes to our global economy. Technology is evolving the economy and many other industries: sales, publishing, transportation, telecommunications. VoIP software is one of these evolutionary technologies.

The telecommunications sector is experiencing an unprecedented successful phase.


What is the term VoIP software?


The Internet of Things, the increase in internet use, the need for instant exchange and communication, new technologies in general, etc. Our needs are multiplying day by day and have led us to observe a great evolution in telecommunications today.


Telecommunications is an aspect to consider, no matter the size of your company. Among these telecommunication tools is VoIP software.


The acronym VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This technology allows voice or multimedia content to be transferred over the internet. VoIP is a set of protocols, methods and technologies that enable the digitization and transmission of audio and multimedia data in general through the internet.


VoIP software brings many advantages for all types of companies, from SMEs to large groups and administrations. It is a simple to implement, efficient, and effective solution to achieve a company’s objectives.


The advantages of using VoIP software


Quality service: As your business grows, your business, your organization and your needs will evolve, whether it is to install more telephone lines or to provide access to different features. VoIP software does everything in its power to ensure that these transitions and advancements are carried out as smoothly as possible.


voip software


A secure service


Give a better company image to your customers: VoIP software is a guarantee of professionalism. Once you have installed your telecommunications system in your company, you will have more time to invest in everything else. You will benefit from greater responsiveness, which in turn maximizes customer satisfaction.


Thanks to VoIP, many services are available on the internet, all at a reduced rate. Most online browsers are very well adapted for future applications. Its set of well-designed and developed protocols and techniques based on data digitization makes this tool highly functional and scalable for future applications.


Fonvirtual offers you a multitude of features


Fonvirtual provides you with a multitude of features that allow a company to really increase the value of its investments. Our VoIP offer is designed to be flexible and allows you to communicate seamlessly with your customers.


VoIP software is a flexible, scalable and economical solution.


At Fonvirtual, we work with WebRTC technology, which is the evolution of VoIP. The quality of your communications will therefore be irreproachable.


VoIP software is your key factor of progress and you will find all the solutions to your telecommunications needs. Discover VoIP telephony working with Fonvirtual’s WebRTC and all the services associated with this technology.

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