Companies use telephone PBX to improve their business telephony service. As well as to give a better service to their customers and improve the internal communication of the company.

However, one of the main elements is to create feedback with customers. This feedback is created based on the customer’s satisfaction with the service offered. For this very reason it is important to establish a good communication channel thanks to a telephone PBX.

Many companies still do not know how essential it is to integrate an effective enterprise telephony system, and there are many providers of these systems.


Fonvirtual’s telephone PBX service


Fonvirtual offers you a total telephone PBX service without commitment and without permanence. We port your current telephone number, the one that everyone knows and the one you already use for all your communications.

We take care of all the steps of portability, we turn it into a virtual number, we host it in the cloud and voilà! Now you can enjoy all the advantages of your number ported to your telephone PBX.

On the other hand, if you still don’t have a number or you want to change it, we will give you a new one with a prefix of the region you want or the country you want.

Fonvirtual offers you all kinds of numbers with all the technology of our cloud systems.

You will be able to personalise your telephone PBX in order to stand out from the competition. In addition, you will have the possibility of adding multiple functionalities to your virtual PBX, which you and your customers can enjoy.


Call with WebRTC from your telephone PBX


Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX uses WebRTC extensions. You will be able to make calls from the extension of your choice and displaying the header number of your choice. All this through the Internet.

Processing your calls through WebRTC means that you will have total mobility. Calls can be received and emitted from anywhere and with any device that allows Internet connection.




Fonvirtual´s telephone PBX functionalities


  • Welcome message. Allows you to personalize a welcome message with your own words to your customers.
  • Vocal menu. With the purpose of distributing the calls between different services of your company, to attribute them to the agents that will be able to cover the needs of the callers.
  • Call recording. Listen to calls again in order to return to calls and conversations whenever necessary.
  • Transfer calls. Agents can transfer calls to another agent without having to cut the call.
  • Statistics. Analyze the received and missed calls and improve the telephone attention of your company.
  • Caller IDs. To give a personalized service to your customers.
  • Waiting queues. The best way to make the customer wait in case it cannot be attended to instantly.


And why Fonvirtual’s telephone PBX?


The physical PBXs are very expensive and have become obsolete. That’s why Fonvirtual offers a totally virtual telephone PBX. A virtual service at an economical price, with no equipment to buy.
The main points of Fonvirtual’s virtual PBX are:

  • Everything in the cloud
  • No permanence
  • No investment
  • Economical price
  • The trust of our current customers
  • The experience of years

Not forgetting the custom configurations for the telephone PBX. These allow you to personalize your brand, innovate and differentiate yourself from the competition. With the availability of our agents. With treatment and service totally personalized to your needs. With a budget that does not leave the service you ask for.

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