A VoIP phone is a software or telephone material designed to use voice over IP technology to send and receive telephone calls over an IP network.

The phone receives the call and converts the analog telephony audio into a numerical format that can be transmitted over the Internet. It also converts digital telephone signals from the Internet into traditional audio.

VoIP telephony uses the VoIP protocol (Voice over Internet Protocol) also known as the packet-switched telephony network to transmit telephone calls over the Internet.

It includes features that traditional analog phones do not have, as well as additional features. Telephone calls are transmitted over the Internet rather than over the public switched telephone network.


Types of VoIP Phones


Voice over IP telephones are telephones equipped with voice over Internet protocol, i.e. they allow calls to be transmitted over the Internet.

The Voice over IP services comprises two main types of IP telephones. Those based on a material object and those that depend on software. 

Physically, a material-based VoIP phone resembles a traditional landline or wireless phone.

These phones include physical features such as a loudspeaker or microphone, as well as a screen on which you can see who is calling (your phone number, your name, etc.). They also offer other features such as the ability to transfer calls or make calls between multiple participants.

Some voice over IP phones can, in turn, transmit and receive image data during calls. These are videoconference calls.

IP phone software, also called telephony software, are programs installed on the computer or mobile. The user interface of the phone software resembles a mobile phone, with the possibility to see who is calling.

To use it, you need a headset with a microphone that connects to your computer or mobile device.

Users can also transfer the calls they receive on the computer or mobile, either to another VoIP phone of this type, or to a material-based VoIP phone.


Advantages and disadvantages of Voice over IP phones


Voice over IP phones offer businesses a number of advantages.


  • Organizations can lower their call costs by opting for voice over IP services. Although traditional analog phones may have lower up-front costs, their support, maintenance and integration into communication applications are more expensive.
  • The IP phone also offers cheaper long distance and international calls.
  • In turn, voice over IP phones allow greater mobility than traditional phones. If a company moves to new premises, using VoIP telephony does not need to acquire new telephone lines. On the contrary, it would happen with traditional telephone lines. Virtual telephones also offer total mobility, since customers are not tied to any physical establishment as would be the case of cable telephones.
  • The voice over IP phone can also be integrated into other communication applications. For example, companies can integrate their customer relationship management software into VoIP phones to improve the identification and management of callers and thus retain information about these calls.
  • VoIP telephony only requires an Internet connection, which will be reflected in the economic decrease in bills. Given the availability and easy access to the Internet today, voice over IP telephony users will be very satisfied.
  • Its use is fluid both on the part of the company and on the part of the client. It is a positive and dynamic interactive response between two people, a fast service and good quality.


Voice over IP


Fonvirtual’s Voice over IP offer


Fonvirtual offers you the opportunity to use the new WebRTC technology instead of the SIP protocol, a more obsolete system.

One of Fonvirtual’s advantages in the market is the price it offers: Fonvirtual’s voice over IP telephony call costs are unmatched.

Another important aspect is the added value of the additional functionalities it offers. Fonvirtual offers innumerable functionalities of high range of virtual PBX like:

  • Welcoming message
  • Interactive voice menu
  • Caller identification
  • Free Inbound Call Forwarding
  • Waiting queues with music
  • Voicemail
  • Call logging
  • Configuring timetables and public holidays
  • Access to configuration and statistics


With Fonvirtual you can port or keep your current number. You can also get a virtual number from up to 25 countries. In addition, you can have a large number of extensions on which to transfer calls, and you can do so with your computer, a tablet or mobile through App. Contact us, we will advise you about our Voice over IP services.

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