Need phone numbers for your business? Monthly bills from telecom services can be quite high, especially for growing businesses. Private individuals, however, can obtain inexpensive phone rates and plans now that the market is full of low cost providers.
On the other hand, businesses need large-scale professional telecom services with many phone numbers, which results in higher monthly payments. Large businesses continue to look for telecom services and plans that offer flat rate fees, free phone numbers, no setups or maintenance fees.

Here at Fonvirtual we believe that every business – large, small or international – should be able to give the best possible customer service to their clients without being charged excessive costs in order to obtain an efficient telecom service.

Because of this, we offer services that include free phone numbers and no setup or maintenance fees.
Sounds great, doesn’t it? There’s more: instead of a regular IP phone number, we will give you a virtual phone number. In case you are wondering, a virtual number looks like a regular local landline phone number but it is based in the Cloud. This number doesn’t need any cables isn’t directly associated with a terminal.

So what can it do? Put simply, you can divert all your incoming calls to other landline or mobile phones which you already possess from other providers. You will be able to answer all of your calling clients, all at the same time and without dropping calls. Moreover, you can add massive value with our virtual switchboard, which offers numerous features.   



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What will your business gain with our free phone numbers?

Use your international phone number as your main office line. Make your clients feel valued by solving their problems, making their lives easier and letting them know that they are part of a prestigious company!
And yes, there’s more!


  • Project a national or international company image: You may choose any area code with your free phone number to project an international image for your company. Whether you are based in a little town or in the countryside – you can still have a phone number with the area code of your capital city and operate in every part of the country.
    You can also get an international number so that your foreign customers can call familiar, local numbers. For example, you can get a virtual phone number from Canada and operate in the Canadian market no matter where you are. Not only are your incoming calls directed to any number of your choice, but you are also gaining your customers’ trust by using phone numbers local to them.
  • Project a local company image: Some businesses want to be seen as large multinational companies, and some businesses want to establish closer contact with their clients in smaller provinces or regions. We can help in both cases. Get a virtual number from any area of the country!
  • Reports and statistical reports: Besides free phone numbers and a virtual PBX, you also get access to a control panel. Use it to download statistical details and reports to study and analyze your calls.
  • Control the quality of your calls: Use your control panel to download your incoming and outgoing call recordings. Analyze the quality of your customer service, correct your mistakes, and more. By listening to previous recordings, you can improve the quality of your calls in the future.
  • Add more features: With a virtual switchboard, you can add many features to your virtual number and give massive value to your calls.
    Which features can you add?

    • Automated attendant: Greet your customers, let them know that your lines are busy or that they are calling after office hours…choose a natural or a robotic voice of your choice to add a professional touch to your customer service.
    • Options menu: Allow incoming call allocation based on the customer needs. For example, if they would like to talk to the human resources department, they only need to press a number. A time saving solution for your employees and your clients.  
    • Call transfer: Once you answer a call, you can transfer it to other associated lines or extensions by indicating a simple code on the terminal keyboard.
    • Call queue: If you are busy and you cannot answer the incoming call, the caller will be placed into a virtual queue. They will listen to music until your line becomes available.  
    • Working hours: You can set up your switchboard based on your business working hours, so you don’t need to worry about calls during after hours. You can also create a white list or black list in order to avoid certain customers from calling, or to treat your VIP clients with priority.
    • Voicemail: Don’t worry about any calls you were unable to answer. You can divert them into your voicemail. Subsequently, the transcribed voicemail will be sent to your email so that you don’t miss any call.
    • Unlimited call forwarding: You get to enjoy unlimited minutes and call forwardings. No need to worry about the invoice at the end of the month.  


As you can see, a virtual PBX from offers many benefits to your company: economic tariffs, unlimited minutes and call forwarding services…we will provide you with a free phone number, without setup or maintenance fees. Our services will help you provide a high-quality customer service.

Go to if you want to know more and discover our amazing tariffs and other services we can offer you: virtual PBX, call center or an international phone number form different countries, such as a virtual phone number Austria.



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