From speech analysis to conversational analysis: the AI ​​revolution in business communication


From partial to complete: How conversational intelligence is transforming business communication

The ability to generate valuable data in business interactions is immense, but only a fraction of this potential is currently being leveraged. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field, transforming what was previously known as speech analytics into advanced conversational analytics. This development has been driven by the practical application of AI in business conversation analysis.

In addition, carrying out real-time conversational analysis already allows us to trigger alerts when events requiring our attention or intervention may occur.

The limits of voice analysis

Traditionally, Speech Analytics has been an essential tool for transcribing audio recordings into text, allowing businesses to analyze conversations and extract important insights. However, this technology has several important limitations:

  1. Lack of context: Speech Analytics cannot interpret the context in which words are spoken, which is crucial for accurate understanding of conversations.

       2. Complex categorization: Creating categories requires anticipating countless combinations of words and scenarios, making the process tedious and not scalable.

       3. Manual review: Results must be reviewed manually to avoid errors, which consumes valuable time and resources.

  1. Post-hoc review: Speech analytics analyses are conducted on recordings of conversations that took place in the past, which does not allow for agile action.


The conversational AI revolution

AI-powered conversation analytics overcomes these limitations through the use of natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU). These technologies enable a deeper and more contextual understanding of business conversations.
Additionally, AI processing capability enables real-time analysis, paving the way for endless new business applications.

The main differences and advantages of conversational AI are highlighted below:

Advanced technology

Conversational AI uses machine learning to develop algorithms that automatically identify linguistic patterns and categories. This approach eliminates the need for manual categorization and allows for unprecedented scalability. Solutions like Fonvirtual use unsupervised learning to score conversations in real time, making it easier to spot problems and opportunities without human intervention.

Context and sentiment analysis

Understanding context is essential to assessing the quality of a conversation. Conversational AI analyzes not only words, but also tone, frequency and amplitude of voice to infer the emotional state of the interlocutors. This helps assess empathy and communication effectiveness, providing a comprehensive view of performance and customer experience.

Flexibility and autonomy

Conversational AI platforms are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing operations managers and customer experience managers to manage the tools without the need for advanced technical knowledge. This streamlines operations and eliminates common bottlenecks in campaign and project management.

Quick implementation

Launching projects with conversational AI is quick and efficient. In just a few weeks, companies can have fully operational systems capable of analyzing 100% of conversations and providing immediately actionable insights.

The new era of conversational analysis in business communication

Human communication is complex and full of nuances that Speech Analytics cannot fully capture. Interactions are influenced by slang, grammatical errors and cultural patterns, aspects that only conversational AI can adequately interpret. By integrating context and sentiment analysis, conversation analytics enables a deep understanding of every interaction, taking decision-making to the next level.

Tangible benefits

– Full coverage: Analysis of 100% of conversations, instead of a minimum sample.

– Real time: Conversational analysis is carried out in real time, conversation by conversation and can trigger alerts when detecting certain situations or intentions in the conversation.

– Improved accuracy: Accurate interpretation of the context and sentiment of conversations.

– Operational efficiency: reduction of time and resources required for manual review.

– Informed decisions: complete and structured data for better decision-making.


Speech Analytics’ transition to AI-powered conversational analytics isn’t just a technology improvement; This is an essential transformation for any company seeking to remain competitive in the management of corporate communications. Those who adopt this advanced technology will be able to harness the full potential of their conversation data, delivering a superior customer experience and optimizing operational efficiencies. Conversational AI is not a distant future; It is the necessary gift for those who want to become a leader in a market where artificial intelligence makes the difference.

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