Today, businesses have at their disposal a wide variety of channels to interact with customers. From traditional voice calls to instant messaging applications, they all serve as means of communication that break down the barrier between the physical and the digital environment in order to enhance the customer experience.

However, to get this far, a challenge must be overcome: integrating them into a single platform that allows them all to be managed from the same place and guarantees customer satisfaction. This is precisely what omnichannel communication strategies are all about. This method allows the company to be more accessible and closer, as it can be available to users, regardless of the medium they choose to use at any given time.

In Fonvirtual we have a solution that will allow you to provide an omnichannel experience to your customers: our virtual PBX. Its functionalities will help you, not only to guarantee an efficient and quality service, but also to increase the number of interactions and make your company more competitive.

To help you know them all, we have compiled in this article all the functionalities of the Fonvirtual’s PBX that support a perfect omnichannel customer experience.

WebRTC technology

To promote omnichannel communication in companies, it is necessary that the platform on which channels are unified allows the integration and connection of all of them quickly and easily. To this end, the technology used by the communications solution is fundamental. In these cases, we are obviously referring to IP communication tools (which operate over the Internet), as traditional telephony systems do not support the possibility of integrating any channels other than voice calls.

The omnichannel PBX that we offer at Fonvirtual works with WebRTC, an open source protocol developed by Google that allows you to manage your communications from anywhere in the world. As it is a “pure cloud” technology, the service is not on the devices, but in the cloud. Thus, to access the interface, you simply need a computer, mobile or tablet connected to the Internet.

Other technologies such as SIP protocol do not favor the integration of new channels. The reason is that, in order to manage them, we must download software or add-ons to the device we are using, or even use third-party services. Therefore, in addition to efficiency, we will be losing one of the main advantages of omnichannel: the unified management of communications, as each means will be independent and, therefore, we must resort to different applications.

Web buttons

In the digital era we live in, although physical establishments continue to be the preferred place to offer products, most businesses have already realized the advantages that online sales can bring them. These include the increased possibilities of interacting with potential customers. Most users use the Internet to find a product that meets their needs.

In this sense, having a website that offers the user a good omnichannel experience is essential. In fact, adding buttons for the different forms of contact we have can be very useful, not only to increase our sales, but also to differentiate us from our competitors.

In Fonvirtual, besides having the possibility to add different forms of contact for your company (voice calls, video calls, WhatsApp, Telegram, LiveChat…), we will also give you everything you need to insert these web buttons. Once you have decided which channels you want to include in your PBX, we will give you a widget for each of them. You will simply have to modify its design to match your corporate identity and insert it in as many places on your website as you want.

And that’s it! Your customers will simply click on these buttons to start the interaction by any means, and your agents will receive and manage them all from a single interface.


At Fonvirtual, in addition to omnichannel, we like to talk about “cross-channel”. The fact that all channels are connected to each other makes it possible to switch from one to another without having to change screens.

As mentioned above, most users get to know a company through the Internet, and this is where many of the initial contacts take place. At first, users often start with means such as web chat, but it is likely that later they will prefer to switch to a voice or video call to discuss their doubts in a more personal and closer way with an agent. And it is at this point that we use the term cross-channel.

Allowing both potential customers and employees to switch from one channel to another during the purchase process without leaving the browser makes for a more satisfying omnichannel customer experience. In addition, it will provide a distinctive element to our company, so that we will have more chances to convert each contact into a customer.


Intelligent distribution of communications

The PBX that we offer you in Fonvirtual allows the channels to collaborate with each other and, therefore, favor an intelligent distribution of communications. This means that, if an agent is busy attending to a customer and receives another conversation at the same time, the agent’s status will change automatically, so the system will detect it and deliver it to the next available person.

Thanks to our omnichannel platform’s status change system, we will reduce customer waiting times, while at the same time preventing agents from being overwhelmed, as communications will be distributed efficiently according to the availability of employees.

Artificial Intelligence

Another of the functionalities of our solution that will support omnichannel communication in your company is Artificial Intelligence. Through systems supported by this technology, such as chatbots and callbots, it will be much easier to offer different forms of contact.

One of the main concerns of companies is that users will be left unattended if they offer different communication channels. But with these tools, while employees handle one contact, virtual agents will take care of the rest.

In addition, one of their main advantages is that they are available 24/7 every day of the year, and can even manage several conversations at the same time. In this way, all customers will get an answer, regardless of the medium they use to communicate with the company.

Internal communication

Omnichannel in business is not just about communicating with customers. Internally among employees, it is also necessary to have multiple forms of communication, and more importantly, in the same place where external interactions are managed.

And this is what the Fonvirtual’s PBX offers you. With it, you can communicate with other employees through voice calls, video or corporate chat. So, if you have any doubt about the case you are managing, you can easily ask your colleagues from the interface itself and even add them in case it is a voice or video call.

Integration with the company’s CRM

Finally, omnichannel customer management requires that the information about all contacts that have been made with the customer is correctly recorded. For this, the integration of our omnichannel tool with a CRM or a Helpdesk is the ideal option. In addition, this functionality allows you to modify their data and automatically display if there has been any previous interaction, the agent who has dealt with their case, if they have any open tickets…


At Fonvirtual we already offer you the possibility to contact us through different channels, so what are you waiting for to offer your customers an omnichannel experience?

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