Are you already tired of the General Data Protection Regulation? In the last weeks we haven’t heard other topic but the famous GDPR. But do you really know what is it and how it involves the phone contact with the customers of your company?

What is the GDPR?


The GDPR is a new rule that pretend to give control to the European Union citizens over their personal data and to unify the data protection law within every EU country. It takes in every information considered personal or that can help to identify person like name, email, photo, IP address or bank detail. In case of minors under 16 it will be required the parental consent to process their data.

It affects every company that belongs to the European Union or that operates there. Therefore, every company that possess information about any EU citizen and doesn’t uphold this regulation will be penalized with €20 millions or with 4% of its global turnover.

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What changes in the phone contact with my clients?


So, what changes bring us the GDPR and how our company should embrace it? First of all, it will affect to Terms of Service and other types of warnings. Permission requests to collect your data will be more frequent but the text must be much more legible than it used to be. The customer should understand it without any problem and should have a detailed information about who is giving his data to. The companies can still use their database with information about their customers, but now will have to explain why they need it and how they are going to use it. Other things that change are the “I agree” boxes. There will be no more pre-ticked boxes. The customer must be the one who makes an effort to mark it.

Now the clients obtain have much more control over what they want to happen with their personal details. They still can accede, rectify, cancel or oppose their datas, but now they also can ask the company to transfer it to the competition. Furthermore, the customer who suspect that their privacy has been violated, have a right to accuse the company and it will have to be the company that proves they have recollect the data legally.



Can I still make phone contact with my clients and record it?


Yes, always that it was the customer who had supplied his number to you can still contact your clients by phone. With regards to call records you can keep doing it, but, since it’s another form of data processing, there are some legal details you should know. In order to do it you have to fulfil at least one of the following conditions:


  • The client has given his consent to be recorded
  • Recording is obligatory to accomplish the contract
  • Recording is obligatory to accomplish the legal requirement
  • Recording is necessary to protect intereses of the participants
  • When the information is in the public interest or is necessary for an exercise of official authority
  • When recording is made for a legitimate interest of the recorder, provided that the fundamental rights of the recorded person are being respected


And, of course, the customer must be informed that he’s being recorded and how his data collected during the phone call will be used, but unlike it used to be, it’s no longer enough to assume the participant agrees with being recorded, but must express clearly his consent.


As you can see, it’s still possible to do call records, and you can keep using this tool to improve your business’s service. At we offer you the feature of call records that enforce the GDPR, so there will be no need for you to be worried. For any further information contact us on

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