Today, many companies find themselves using an online medium through their own professional websites or social networks. Advances in information and communication technologies are due to the arrival of the internet. This has created a globalized environment that allows companies to reach a growing market; an international market. Because of this, we now have international phone calls at an affordable price.

Thus, it has become a necessity  to establish new communication methods for these international customers. At the same time, the intention is to also improve on call conversions thanks to using an international telephone number.

What are international phone calls?


The fact that our Fonvirtual website includes the contact telephone number of each country where we want to reach potential customers is a great advantage. You can increase calls from that target audience and thus increase the number of customers.


An international telephone number is a normal telephone number from any country, with its respective area code. You do not have to use this number in a specific place to get a certain area code. The telephone number and line is completely virtual.


The phone number, as we previously mentioned, has an area code that corresponds to the city of origin, along with a specific number of digits. In Spain, for example, we have 9 digits.


Today, we have access to international phone calls regardless of whether or not we are physically in that country. Fonvirtual’s WebRTC technology allows this. It is possible to receive and make calls from this international number from any place or device connected to the internet.


international phone calls


Why choose an international phone calls?


If a customer sees a listed phone number from the same country as them, they will feel more motivated to call. This is due to trust and proximity. Additionally, your company will show a much more international and professional image having multiple international phone numbers your clients can call from. Having a local area code gives customers a higher sense of trust when calling the number.


Look no further: displaying a telephone number of the country of our target audience improves the conversion rate of telephone calls.


How are these calls received?


The best thing about this service is that calls can be received from anywhere. No matter what country you are located in, calls can be made and received from any device connected to the internet from anywhere in the world.


Fonvirtual’s WebRTC virtual PBX phone network offers users the possibility of receiving calls via internet extensions (IP), so these calls have no additional cost wherever they are received. Similarly, outgoing calls from an international virtual number will not have any additional cost.


How can the conversion of international phone calls be measured?


In addition to being able to measure the conversion from the same statistics of the virtual switchboard for the reception of calls, there are many other tools to track the conversion.


Companies can insert their phone number in online and offline advertising campaigns online.


Measure offline campaigns


Whenever a company inserts their phone number through an offline campaign, and the client sees the ad and dials to call, the best option is to opt for a different number for each of the campaigns. That way, each campaign can be tracked separately.


Measuring online campaigns


It is possible to introduce a code in the same phone number to trace the origin of the call, as well as the quantity of calls obtained from the same link. All this can be done thanks to Google Analytics.


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