Today’s market is characterized by bigger supply than demand and to keep the business flourishing, there is a constant need for competition on a local and global level. An international phone number can help increase sales and improve the brand image by providing quality customer service. Possibly, your products are sold in different areas; however, you cannot be physically present everywhere to be in touch with your clients. In this case, you can get a virtual phone number and enjoy it benefits. Let us explain how and why:


  • If you are a company based in London and you also sell your products or services in New York City, it is useful to have a virtual phone number USA to serve your NYC customers. Get a virtual phone number and you will see its main advantage: it is based in the possibility of receiving your calls in London, even if the clients call an NYC number, or backward if you are an American company, you can get your virtual phone number UK to serve your customers from London. The call costs are the same as calling any other local line.
  • If you are present on various markets, for example in NYC, Berlin, Rome, you can get a number from each city but still receive the incoming calls in London and answer them in the appropriate language thanks to the virtual switchboard.
  • Another option is call routing with the help of a VoIP software. This option allows you to make calls from traditional phone network towards a VoIP virtual switchboard.



The main advantage of this service is that the callers pays the same costs as if they were calling local numbers while the owner of the virtual number pays a fixed monthly rate

This number is also useful to measure marketing campaign results. You can advertise your company, showing different contact numbers in each media. This way you can find out which campaign is the most efficient and successful. All you need to do is compare the call registres of each number.

Another advantage of an international phone number is confidentiality. Instead of giving your clients and business partners your private phone number, give them your virtual number. The calls will be redirected to your landline or your personal mobile phone. This is a great way to separate the personal and the professional life.


virtual numbers

Get a virtual phone number and check its features


The main features of virtual numbers:


  • No geographical limit. The virtual number works anywhere in the World. Moreover, you can activate it in 24-48h
  • High quality communication
  • You can transfer the calls to landlines or mobile phones
  • You can associate the virtual number with other local numbers and integrate a virtual switchboard service
  • No call nor time limit
  • Flexible call transfer
  • Store the call register


Virtual numbers offer a wide range of useful features. Now that you know how useful virtual numbers are, go and get one! Subscribe to get a virtual phone number with


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