The fact of replacing an obsolete contact center with a new VoIP contact center technology brings great opportunities for any enterprise to take advantage of the cloud technology’s benefits and to reduce costs at the same time.

For those of you who are not familiarized with that concept, we help to understand it better. The VoIP contact center technology is an ordinary contact center or call center software with the peculiarity of that by using the VoIP phone system to route and manage the calls it reduces the communication costs of the company significantly.

It is all about the combination of methodologies and technologies that make possible the communication between the client and company through the Internet; what is known as a virtual call center software.

Every business’s call attention and administration of their clients should be effective enough to be able to offer a satisfactory and efficient service. No matter the company’s size or the amount of the calls. Offering good customer support at many companies has become the priority.

In addition, the VoIP services offer flexibility and mobility needed to succeed in the updated and modern entrepreneur environment. The agents will be able to answer the clients from any place, with only Internet connection needed in order to make and receive phone calls no matter where they are.


The opening of your VoIP contact center technology


call center technology


You should not worry about starting a new business or about your business not being big enough, the first step to get a  VoIP contact center technology is the same for everyone: put aside the traditional telephone company.

By taking the leap to VoIP, the general call and other types of communication expenses will reduce even in 40 or 50% thanks to the software capable of managing the call center logistic.

Does your call amount need a more advanced system? With the option of ACD contact center system, there will be no more problems. The calls will pass to the queue thanks to the call automatization with the IVR in order to distribute the calls to different company’s agents in an intelligent way.

Both, your company and your clients, will take advantage of that customer service call center system and enjoy its efficiency and rentability.

Advantages for the company: less operative and formation costs, better motivation and agents’ efficiency, no need for phone lines, the possibility of working from any place, work time reduction.

Advantages for the clients: provide them with better quality and call experience, fast contact with the company, efficiency in responding the inquiries by the agents, more pleasant waiting times.

To get to know more about the contact center technology, visit our  Fonvirtual website and inform yourself about all the details of the service.  If you have any doubt, contact us, we will be glad to help you.

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