The business environment has become global, now companies not only compete against local competitors, but against worldwide competitors. The competence is fierce and companies need to perform better than the rest in order not only to succeed, but to survive. This is why we are talking today about the best option to go global: the international virtual phone number.

The amount of competitors grows as the business opportunities do. There are more reachable markets and new customer segments to exploit. So the company must be prepared and equipped to take these business opportunities. 

Nowadays technology makes doing business internationally very easy. Internet has been the biggest revolution in the international business environment and in everything related to it. At the moment it is possible to do business successfully in countries that the company has never visited, or worked in. This is possible thanks to the telecom developments that are available in the market. 

Telecom developments such as the international virtual phone number. An international virtual phone number is a phone number that looks exactly the same as any other phone number from the country, but it is not hosted in a physical device. It is formed by an area code and has the same amount of digits, but it is hosted in the cloud. 


Advantages of the international virtual number


Since the international virtual phone number is hosted in the cloud, incoming calls will be forwarded to local phone lines. So if the company wants a phone number from Germany, the German incoming calls will be forwarded to American phone lines. This is particularly useful for companies that want to be present in several countries without having to incur in the costs of having an office or employees overthere.

This technology enhance the way companies enter in new foreign markets. Customers will not notice the call is being answered in another country. The international virtual phone number looks exactly like an ordinary local landline phone number, which allows your enterprise to go global.

Customers will be more willing to contact the company and to buy its products since they have the perception the company has an office in their country. 

The international virtual phone numbers are also a great tool for branding. They improve the company’s image. A small or a medium company will be able to project an image of a big global company. 

Furthermore it is a very practical resource for any kind of company. It is particularly useful to establish and maintain strong business relationships with business partners in other countries. Communication is key to doing business internationally. 




But then what is WebRTC telephony?


In case employees or executives are not settled in the headquarter but often travelling around, the WebRTC will be the most suitable option for them. The WebRTC is a technology developed by Google that enables users to make calls and receive them on the computer or any other device with an internet connection. 

It would be the most suitable option for those who travel since it can avoid roaming costs. The WebRTC phone lines work with IP lines so they use internet instead of using the traditional phone network. 

This technology does not need any kind of installation or special equipment what is also an advantage for those who are continuously traveling since they will not have to carry their personal devices in order to use it. The WebRTC tech allow users to share files, make calls and receive them through the browser. 

It is is indeed very convenient for executives who travel, but it requires a good internet connection. Therefore it depends whether you are in one country most of the time or whether you are not, you choose WebRTC phone lines or the ordinary virtual phone number. 


Nowadays technology provides telecom services that enable companies to go global no matter their industry or neither their size. Companies must use them in order to succeed in the market.


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