As some of you may know, the WiFi connection can cause serious headaches if you live in a big house. The number of devices we connect to the local network is increasing and so it is becoming necessary to have a strong signal (nowadays cables are an unthinkable solution). Those who have a VoIP switchboard service, or what is the same, a virtual PBX, need good Internet connection.

The most users opt for WiFi network connection as it is an easier and more flexible solution. However, the signal doesn’t always reach all the corners of the house.


Why is the signal weak?


VoIP switchboard service

There are various reasons for this: interference, obstacles and distance.

The relation between the router location and the signal received by your mobile is inversely proportional to the distance between the two devices. The larger the distance, the worse is the connection. Usually, we don’t think in such details when building a house but if the Optical Network Terminal isn’t located in the centre of the house, the coverage will not be equally strong everywhere. Other types of obstacles could be for example wall or ceiling thickness, furniture, etc.
Lastly, choosing a free channel without other wirelessly connected electronic devices can also help increasing the connection quality.


Can a WiFi booster help?

This is probably the first solution that comes to your mind. A booster helps improving the WiFi coverage quality via a signal amplifier. The market offers a great choice of these devices in a wide price range, for example, extenders, repeaters, PLC adapters…

  • The most common ones detect the WiFi network and then copy the network identifier and the security protocols. Afterwards, they create a new signal with maximum power potential and coverage. There is no need for installation, they simply need to be plugged in in a place where the signal is weak.
  • Other booster types, like PLC adapters function by connecting one device with a router via a cable and plugging in the other one in the area where you wish to have WiFi coverage. This adapter creates its own network, which provides connection without depending on the principal router. The disadvantage of this device is the high price.   

How can the Fonvirtual clients benefit from improving their WiFi connection?


All those Fonvirtual clients who have the VoIP switchboard service, will need Internet connection in order to receive calls. Improving your WiFi connection improve the service itself and you will be able to use it at home or your in your office without data. Moreover, you can choose whether you want to receive your calls on your computer or on your mobile phone.

If you haven’t heard about the Fonvirtual virtual switchboard and VoIP switchboard service, check out our website or call us on 914 891 046 to find out more.

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