As technology evolves, customers are increasingly opting for the most advanced communication channels. In fact, the call center customer service service will also eventually evolve.

If we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes, we will be able to understand their needs and expectations.


Subscribing to a call center customer service is not a service that the customer will only use once. This is a service that they will use every day. It is therefore important to offer its customers the best possible contact center solution possible.


What is a call center customer service?


Oral communication is the fastest, most effective and easiest way to exchange important information.


Call center customer service allows companies to stay in constant contact with their customers, wherever they are. It allows all communications with customers to be managed efficiently.


Customer contact centres are operated by external companies and used to manage customer service, receive calls, conduct telemarketing campaigns, etc.


Today, consumers increasingly expect companies to be present in different communication channels, and call center customer services, in turn, are inclined to provide multi-channel customer support.


This is an increasingly common service and demand is rising fast.


call center customer service


Why is it useful to set up a call center customer service solution?


In the past, it was difficult for companies to find a way to reach customers who were geographically distant. Today, this is no longer the case. Thanks to new technologies, that will not only allows you to expand your activity on a national scale, but it will also allow you to manage communication with your customers all over the world.


Understanding your customers’ service expectations is the first step in providing an incredible customer experience.


What are the benefits?


  • Offer your customers the best possible service.
  • Easy to set up and no need to spend money on maintenance.
  • Accessible from anywhere, from your computer, mobile phone or tablet, with a simple Internet connection.
  • Possibility to keep your phone number by adding the area code of your choice. If the number you are using is a special number, such as an overload number or a toll-free number, you can always use this number on your line.
  • Your customers will be able to contact you through your local and international fixed-line numbers, whether ported or new. They will also be able to do so via the web or through the application.
  • Efficient call management with automatic call distribution through an intelligent system, based on agent skills, priorities and availability that you have defined in your configuration.


Companies from many different sectors use call center customer service to provide support to their users and clients. For all companies, it is important to increase their number of customers, build their loyalty and increase the growth of their purchases.


Fonvirtual provides this quality service, with multiple features and state-of-the-art technology.

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