900 numbers are used by many companies as the main headline telephone number. The 900 is an intelligent network number, i.e. it belongs to the group of numbers that are not linked to any geographical location, such as 902 or 901, in order not to identify the company with any geographical location.

In addition to speaking of national image terms, companies use these numbers because of the economic benefits they offer to callers, although not to the company itself. With the 900 lines, the cost of the call is paid in its entirety by the company receiving the call, is completely free for the user who makes the call. Therefore, companies consider that this way they have more opportunities for users to call them.

These numbers are related to companies in a wide variety of sectors: sales lines, appointment services, technical support, etc. Many of them generate large volumes of incoming or outgoing calls. But have you ever wondered why it is beneficial for your new business to hire a 900 line?

Many companies include a 900 line to expand their customer base. A virtual number does not need additional installations, so it is an easy and economical way to start communicating with customers or suppliers. Even so, without a PBX behind through which to manage incoming and outgoing calls would not make sense to use this number in the company.


Steps to follow to start your business with 900 numbers


  1. Create a business plan


Develop a business model of the services that you will attend or offer through the 900 line, as well as the costs that you will be willing to assume through the telephone line.


  1. Look for the best 900 numbers provider


From the budget of your new business, look for those 900 number offers that best suit you.

In order to have a 900 number, it is essential to have a fiscal identification number, as well as a commercial license and legal permits required by the State.


  1. Value the alternatives


What does my company need? What budget do we have?

We recommend that your 900 number is virtual, that is, it does not require installations.

“I’ve just started my business, how am I going to think now about investing in installations if a virtual number offers me the same functionalities as a physical one?

Think also about the advanced functionalities of your new number. Some 900 numbers providers allow you to add locutions, voicemails, call recording, schedules, etc.


  1. Hire the provider that best suits your new business


Now you can broadcast your new 900 number!


900 numbers


Other recommendations for your 900 numbers


Although hiring a 900 line is an option, these are services that are very much in disuse. This is due to the fact that it is the company that assumes monthly a variable cost that it does not control since it depends on the number of calls it receives. Currently, virtual numbers in the province, such as 91 in Madrid, are the perfect substitutes to show a national image. You could get a virtual phone number Spain to make and receive calls from your Spanish customers.

Whatever the company’s header number, keep in mind that behind them there must be a customer service that attends or emits all possible calls.

Now it is very easy, especially for new businesses that are starting. Your international phone number connected to your virtual PBX WebRTC allows you to answer calls from anywhere.

Any business startup is complicated and involves a lot of movement. So hire this virtual line with your WebRTC customer service will give you all the features you need.


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