The PBX system for small business determines the level of convenience for communicating with your customers and stakeholders. Therefore, it is necessary to take your time to analyze objectives and needs before hiring the service. This way, you will be able to find the PBX system for small business that best suits you.


Why should my company have a PBX system for small business?


The PBX system is installed inside the company for all types of communication activities. Its main purpose is the management of internal and external calls, as well as the distribution of incoming calls. As we have mentioned, the PBX system for small business facilitates both the communication between the workers of the company, as well as facing the outside. However, the good relationship and management with the outside (customers and suppliers) play a very important role for the company.

We can distinguish two types of a PBX system for small business: physical and virtual. Choosing one or the other will depend on the needs and capabilities of the company. 

Fixed telephony systems often need private branch exchange or PBX material. Above all, they need more physical installations in the company itself in order to be able to offer all their functionalities. Therefore, economic requirements are much more expensive than those using Internet solutions. In other words, the physical telephone exchange is more expensive than the virtual one. On the other hand, the virtual IP telephone exchange associates the company’s telephone system with the Internet connection. VoIP systems connect you with other users thanks to Internet connections.

Using a VoIP system has many advantages. VoIP offers a multitude of different functionalities, which are not provided by the traditional telephone exchange. The IP PBX, therefore, does not need a physical PBX but works from the Internet. Therefore, the IP PBX system for small business does not require large investments. IP phone systems can be an excellent option for companies with employees working in different locations. And also for those who do not have such a large patrimony and want a more professional image.

The IP system helps to provide different functionalities to the company since it works on any device connected to the Internet. The PBX system for small business features that will give added value to the company and optimize resources. For example, voicemails, call transfer…

This type of service allows companies that have or want to have a global presence, the possibility of doing so virtually. On the one hand, it allows having workers around in the world without the need to invest in physical offices. On the other hand, it allows associating virtual numbers from different countries to the IP PBX system for small business.


PBX system for small business


The PBX system for small business and the relationship with customers


Good communication management is essential for any company. But when it comes to customer relations, even more so. For this, it is important that companies have a flexible and professional telephone system.

The virtual PBX provides many benefits when it comes to managing the relationship between company and customers:

  • Allows direct telephone contact for faster communication
  • Make call statistics (minutes talking, missed calls, etc.).
  • Voicemails, voicemails, options menu…
  • Call identification. For example, the origin, to be able to give more personalized service.
  • HD voice quality.


This and many more features of the switchboard can influence customer loyalty.

Depending on the needs of your company, there are numerous options for the purchase and installation of a PBX system for small business.


A PBX system for small business to save time and effort!


The virtual PBX helps to optimise the company’s resources and increase productivity.

Employees will appreciate the use of the PBX system for small business as it will make their work easier, more efficient and safer. And not only the workers but also your customers. Offer a professional image to your company effectively managing the customer service. All this thanks to hiring an IP telephone exchange. Visit our page for more information!

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