The success of your business depends mostly on the amount of dedication and hours you put into it. However, on many occasions, we are limited when it comes to time, since most of our time will be spent on other tasks such as answering emails or phone calls. Therefore, it’s common to be called at the wrong moment and you are unable to attend an important call. If you answer calls during a meeting, a business trip, etc., you might not give the same customer service quality that the caller deserves. Today we will discover how to take calls without a secretary.


The importance of customer service over the phone


Today, during the age of the internet, most potential customers still prefer speaking with someone over the phone when contacting a business. It is estimated by experts that unanswered business phone calls can equal to a total loss of up to 30% of total revenue.

That is why answering these calls is essential. Transfering the call to the right person is also an essential. Otherwise, it is easier for customers to simply find another provider who may answer their questions quicker. 

On many occasions, companies choose to hire a person (receptionist, secretary…) who will answer phones first and distribute the calls accordingly.

However, nowadays it is much easier to do this virtually thanks to the Call Center Software service offered by some telecommunication companies, such as Fonvirtual. You will have a virtual options menu or automated voice message system feature to distribute your calls.


What is a Call Center Software?


The evolution of technology has allowed the development of a call management software, such as the virtual PBX or the Call Center Software, which makes an intelligent distribution of calls through the IVR and the ACD.

This system, which works in the cloud and uses artificial intelligence systems, does not require any physical installation or other of the many disadvantages of traditional call centers. Thanks to this tool, it is no longer necessary for your call center agents to be located close to you.

Therefore, a Call Center Software is both an internal and external communication solution for companies. A system which, in addition, allows you to optimize resources by detecting the origin of the call or assigning an options menu that make the caller talk directly to the worker he needs at any time.


What is an options menu or automated voice message system? Take calls without a secretary


One of the features included in Fonvirtual’s Call Center Software solution is the options menu, also called automated voice message system. To get an idea of what this tool consists of, it is the typical message we find when calling a customer service number where we hear “Press 1 if you want to talk to the administration department, press 2 if you want to talk to the sales department…”. Then, thanks to the IVR, the call will be directed to the appropriate extension/person.

Who hasn’t had to spend more than ten minutes waiting on hold, and then finally being attended by different people who were passing the call from one person to another without giving us a solution. Thanks to the options menu or automated voice message system, we can divide or distribute the calls between the different departments, so that the client or the person calling our company will only have to press a button to choose the person who will attend them, depending on the reason of their query. So yes, it is possible to take calls without a secretary.




There are numerous possibilities when it comes to establishing the distribution of calls, such as segmenting them by department, by subject, by language, or even diverting them directly to the particular agent the client wishes.

Thus, the automated voice message system of Fonvirtual’s Call Center Software allows the customer to be attended by the person who best suits the query made. But this is not the only advantage of this tool:

  • First of all, you will not need a secretary or a person hired only to distribute the calls. The automated voice message system will do it automatically.
  • Time optimization, since it will not be necessary to go passing the call from one agent to another until the solution is given. The call will go directly to the agent specialized in the matter and the others will be able to use the time to attend other incoming calls.
  • Personalised customer service, which will make the customer feel closer to the company and will give them a sense of professionalism.
  • Reduction of costs, sas we will not have to pay the salary of a person dedicated to this task.


Don’t hesitate to join the telecommunications revolution with Fonvirtual. Subscribe to our Call Center Software solution and enjoy the automated voice message system features, as well as other features we offer. Answer calls without a secretary with the high-quality customer care that they deserve. For more information about our services, visit our home page.



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