Today, technological advances in telecommunications have facilitated the internationalization of companies and the possibility of these to communicate with other countries, but not everyone knows how to call abroad in the most efficient way possible. The immediacy and gratuity offered by the Internet, the digitalization of processes and the global environment achieved give way to the international expansion of many companies.

For businesses, getting in touch with their clients, suppliers or foreign workers is a reality. International virtual phone numbers allow you to call abroad quickly and effectively.


What is an international virtual phone number?


First of all, a virtual number or virtual line is a telephone line or communication channel that has an associated number. The main feature of this number is that it is not physical, but virtual, and therefore works over the Internet, from anywhere and not just from a single physical location or device.

On the other hand, an international phone number allow you to call abroad. This is because these are numbers from each country you want to call or receive calls, a number that can belong anywhere in the world.

These numbers do not generate international costs to call abroad, as they are numbers from the chosen region or country.


Why should companies know how to call abroad?


Very simple, because with just an international virtual number you will be able to call abroad, no matter where the company or the person making or receiving calls is located, since the number that will be propagated will be the number of the chosen country you want to call.

In principle, the usefulness of this number gives the possibility to answer or make calls from the mobile or your computer, through the Internet, without having to assume roaming costs to the local operator.

Having an international virtual number from the foreign country where the company sells allows this number to be propagated in calls. Therefore, you will achieve the greatest loyalty of foreign customers with your number and your company, as having a number from their country or region will give them more confidence.

This will allow you to gain customers and, above all, offer an international image, showing your number of the country you want on your company’s international website.




In addition to knowing how to call abroad, you’ll enjoy additional features


Hiring an international virtual number with Fonvirtual will also offer you value-added functionalities.

  • Voicemail. You can set up voicemail in your virtual number and receive the message via email.
  • Voiceovers. Configure the locutions in the language you want for the welcome message, busy message…
  • Schedule management. Adapt the operation of the number to the schedule of international customers.
  • Caller identification. Identify where you are called through a number mask or micro locutions.
  • Statistics. You will know the performance and call activity of your international virtual number.
  • Call recording. You will be able to record all the calls you make and receive in your virtual number.


Trade, appeals and globalisation


Trade ceased to be local a long time ago and companies do not hesitate to assume expansion plans. Speaking in different languages and contacting foreign customers or suppliers is possible without having to open physical branches in the countries you want to reach.

The Internet is the modernization tool that has made all this possible. It provides all countries with virtual phone lines to call abroad using their different prefixes.

This feature causes a certain familiarity with the recipient of the call regardless of where the call is actually being made.

The company’s image grows internationally because the possibility of a clear and fluent conversation between the commercial actors makes the client or supplier feel more secure in the middle of a negotiation.

As already discussed in the functionalities, these virtual numbers can be customized to give local appearance in order not to cause negative impact on foreign customers and generating trust and security.


If a company is looking for commercial internationalization, undoubtedly, know how to call abroad from an international virtual number is the best option for direct and timely communication. With Fonvirtual’s international virtual numbers you have the opportunity to position your company at a global level. Contact us!


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