Ever wondered how to charge credit cards by phone? Fonvirtual first launched the new telephone credit card payment service in June 2019. Since the beginning of this month, the company has begun to market their service along with their intelligent virtual PBX phone system. These services are dedicated to professional companies that are looking for a full-package telecommunication service.

In fact, if you want to sign up for any of Fonvirtual’s services, you must pay using credit card over the phone first.


This is an artificial intelligence service integrated into the virtual PBX system that allows you to make payments over the phone safe and securely.


What are the steps to make a payment?


The steps to make the payment are very simple:


1.First of all, the customer will make a call to the phone number assigned to the virtual PBX of the company.

2. An agent/worker will receive the call and inform the customer of the payment process. This step depends on the procedure of the company: how you want to welcome customers, and how you want to inform them of the payment.

3. Once step 2 has been completed, the agent will pass the call to the automatic artificial intelligence system which will ask for the card holder’s name, card number, expiration date and security code.


The data provided will be processed automatically between banks. Therefore, there is no human intervention in this transaction and the agent will never know the customer’s card details.


During this process, the only thing the agent will know is whether the procedure has been carried out correctly. They will know if the customer gave the correct information, or if they need to repeat the process.


4. Whether the payment has been made correctly or not, the agent will resume the call for:


  • Ending the conversation if the payment has been made correctly and inform the customer of the next steps to follow.
  • If the payment has not been made correctly, the agent may return the call to the automatic system to try again. Or, on the other hand, carry out another procedure established by their company.


5. Finally, when the payment has been made correctly, a proof of payment will be generated to justify that the payment between banks has been generated correctly.


So this is how to charge credit cards over the phone? Yes, it’s that simple! There’s no more mystery.




How to charge credit cards: The virtual PBX works side-by-side


As mentioned above, telephone payments are integrated into an intelligent virtual PBX service.


This PBX service can be used from any device connected to the internet, such as computer, cell phone or tablet. It has multiple features in addition to charging credit cards. This includes:


  • Welcome messages, hours of operation messages, etc.
  • Options menu and an IVR system
  • Voicemail and queues
  • Internal chat between extensions
  • Supervisor Panel


Employees will be able to use their PBX on their cell phones or computers, wherever they choose. Wonder how to charge credit cards on these devices? For example, receiving a call from the computer is a great advantage. It allows you to control the call at the same time that data is being recorded in the CRM for the company. However, if movement is required, they can make and receive calls from any cell phone connected to the internet through an app.


This system is aimed at all types of companies that want to optimize their resources and gain in productivity. It leaves behind clunky landline phones. There is also no additional fees. New technology is here and it is here to stay.

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