There are many call to action buttons on web pages, designed to incite and guide visitors to perform an action sought out by the website owners. This includes buttons that add products to your “shopping cart,” downloading a document or launching a customer service call to a company. This is the Click to Speak, a call to action button that launches a call to the company’s virtual PBX phone system. In this article, we’ll review what it is, what are the advantages, and how to make this button attractive for your users.


What is Click to Call?


Click to Call is an action call button that users click to leave their phone number and thus allow the company to call them back. This tool allows an almost instantaneous contact by phone and is free of charge for the client, since it’s the company who calls the client back.


Click to Speak Fonvirtual


At Fonvirtual, we are technologically advanced, and now offer an advanced version of Click to Call known as Click to Speak

Unlike Click to Call, Click to Speak works as soon as the user clicks the button, automatically launching a call to the company’s phone system, without having to wait for it to call back. You are able to make calls directly from the website, without needing a phone. This ensures that customers will get the quickest response possible whenever they have any questions while browsing your website.

In addition, the call is completely free, both for the user and for your business, since it works through a simple internet connection using WebRTC technology.

No matter how the user is browsing your website (computer, mobile, tablet, etc.), this call will not need any other devices other than an internet connection. If the user is already on your website, then they are obviously already connected and ready to use Click to Speak.

Installing Fonvirtual’s “Click to Speak” button on your website is very simple. We provide a code that you may insert onto each web page where you would like the button to appear. Also, you may choose your own design to create an attractive Click to Speak button.


Advantages of having an attractive call button


Improve the image of the company and increase customer satisfaction

The Click to Call allows to improve the image of the company, while ensuring customer satisfaction. In fact, according to a study conducted by Google, 61% of users say they have a better opinion of companies that offer a smooth and intuitive shopping experience. The Click to Speak, therefore, will facilitate contact with the company and therefore improve the customer experience.

Moreover, we live in a world where a doubt during the Internet shopping process can be solved instantly by getting the advice of an expert, either by phone, Click to Speak or through a chatbot. In fact, 70% of electronic consumers currently attach importance to web support and 20% of them consider it essential to make the purchase.

But remember that an unresolved purchase can also mean the loss of a potential customer.

In view of this information, it seems to be important that all companies selling online provide their customers or potential customers with an attractive Click to Speak to facilitate communication.

Another interesting fact is that according to, Click to Call is the online support channel that receives the most positive feedback from users (56%), ahead of FAQs and even emails. This is due to the instantaneous nature of this medium and its ease of use.


Maintain communication with customers wherever they are

Click to Speak is the ideal solution for international companies with customers all over the world. It allows them to make international calls instantly and completely free of charge.

In addition, it is important to know that modern consumers are very impatient. This is due to the technological means that exist to contact the company with which they want to hire the services, but also to the competition. Thus, if a person has difficulty in contacting a provider or if the provider takes a long time to respond, his or her perspective will change very quickly and they’ll contact your competitor instead.


Increase sales and conversion rate

An attractive Click to Speak allows the company to increase the number of callers and thus multiply its sales rate.

That’s right, a call is more direct and more personal than an email or chat conversation. And it also allows for greater complicity between the company and its lead, which creates a relationship of trust from the outside in.

It is interesting to know that according to a study by M2 ON HOLD, 69% of users online looking for a service prefer to be advised by phone rather than in writing.


best click to call

Create an attractive button


In order for users to be tempted to call up via the button, it is essential to take into account several different factors to make the button appealing and attractive. This includes the following:



For a Click to Speak to be attractive, it must be aesthetically pleasing, without forgetting the general appearance of the website. Also, it must have a color that is in contrast with the background, so that it is clearly visible. Think about using an attractive bold color, such as red or orange. Green is a typical color that is generally used to launch a call, so customers will better understand what the button is for.

The shape and size of the button is also very important. It should not be too big, but it should also not be so small that it goes unnoticed.

As for the shape, you can opt for classic shapes such as a circle or a square, or opt for a more original shape, depending on the theme of your website. It is also possible to use the shape of a phone, to tell the user what that button is for.


The message

In some cases, to encourage a customer to call, you can include messages on the same button or throughout the website. You can use imperatives such as “contact us” or “call us”.

It is important that the user understands the action they are about to perform when they click the button. To do this, you can add text that is displayed when the user moves the cursor over the button to explain that clicking it will automatically trigger a call, free of charge and through WebRTC technology.


In short, adding an attractive call button to the website will bring many advantages and allow you to establish a close relationship with potential customers in order to multiply sales.

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