What is and how to do a video conference?

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Mar 17
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Throughout the crisis generated by Covid-19, we have been forced to look for new ways of communicating with our friends, family, work colleagues and clients. Physical distancing has meant that video conferencing applications have become one of the essential elements in any device, and have experienced great growth.

In the case of companies, these tools allow them to cover the needs not only of internal communication between different employees and departments, but also external communication with customers and suppliers. It is no longer necessary to move to a physical space to meet with them, especially now that mobility restrictions and teleworking are very present in the business environment. Read on as we tell you what it is and how you can make the most of all its advantages.

What is video conferencing and what are its advantages?

A videoconference is an interactive system that generates a real-time connection through a screen with one or several people located in different places. These tools allow the transmission of video, audio and files over the Internet. This last element is important, as it is what differentiates it from video calls, which do not allow this type of information to be shared.

Using videoconferencing systems in our company allows us to improve many aspects of our day-to-day work, which can bring us numerous advantages:

  • It allows us to save time and travel costs: by not having to travel to a physical location to hold the meeting, we avoid possible problems that may arise on the way, such as traffic jams.
  • We will improve our productivity and efficiency: it allows us to concentrate on problems that require more attention rather than on secondary issues, as we streamline processes.
  • We will improve interpersonal relations: by being able to see the people on the other side of the screen, we will have closer contact with our clients and team members, just as if we were meeting face-to-face.


How to make a video conference according to your needs?

Although nowadays everyone knows how to make a videoconference, depending on the intention with which you want to carry it out, you will have to use one solution or another. Here are some examples of meetings offered by video conferencing software:

Videoconference for a small group

If you want to hold a video conference with a small group, the best solution is to create a meeting room. The participants will join via an invitation link that will be sent in advance, and they will be able to access from any browser and application.

Videoconferencing for a talk or a large audience

If your audience is larger but you need interaction between participants, the best option in this case is a Webinar. With this tool you can create conferences, product presentations and events, allowing your participants to communicate with you in real time, just as if it were taking place in a physical space. It allows you to share documents and the interlocutor’s own screen, as well as the recording, which you can share later on any video platform.

Videoconferencing for training or support

Advising and providing technical assistance to your customers when they need it is essential, as well as training your team to perform their tasks properly. In these cases, you could use either of the two options above, depending on how large your audience is.

The best technology for video conferencing: WebRTC  what-is-a-videoconference

Now that we know what video conferencing is and how to make a video conference according to your company’s needs, you may be wondering what the best video conferencing software is. For us, the answer is clear: WebRTC technology. This tool allows instant communication between one or more people via a web browser, which gives rise to numerous advantages:


  • You don’t need to install or download anything at all. You simply open your browser and share the video conference link with the people you want to be present. You can also protect the room with a password so that only those you want can access it.


  • HD quality. The difference with other IP video conferencing software is that the video and sound in WebRTC communication is of very high quality.


  • It has already integrated collaboration tools. As we make the videoconference we have the possibility to talk through the online chat that exists, or also share a screen for a demonstration. We can even share a file.


  • One of the most striking advantages of video conferencing via WebRTC is the real-time transcription of the conversation in progress. It is available in several languages, so there is also the possibility to have real-time translation of the transcript.


  • The videoconferencing software includes a geographical location of each of the participants, as well as the time depending on the area in which they are located. This allows us to offer a personalised service.


  • At the end of the videoconference, a recording of the entire video conference will be made. Through a link you can share it to send it to the different participants or consult any information that you do not remember.


Nowadays, this tool has become indispensable for companies. The rise of teleworking has made it essential to know how to make a videoconference in order to get the most out of it. In addition, relations between workers and clients are becoming digitalised due to the current situation, so it is necessary to adapt to the changes through instruments such as this one.

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