How to ensure technological accessibility with the Click to Video button

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Nov 09
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One of the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis is the increase of new technologies to maintain contact, not only in the personal sphere, but also in the professional one. In this way, it has been possible to maintain and even improve the relationship between companies and their customers, bringing people together at times when face-to-face and mobility were restricted.However, in some cases, this has also been an added obstacle for people with hearing impairments or speech difficulties to communicate effectively with a company. Add tools to your company to ensure technological accessibility.

In these cases, despite the new channels that have emerged and all the current possibilities, the truth is that many companies still lack the necessary resources to ensure technological accessibility. 

Thus, tools such as web buttons, specifically Click to Video, are key to this because of all the customization options they offer. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about this button to make your website more accessible.

What is the relationship between technological accessibility and Click to Video?

As you probably already know from our previous articles, accessibility is the discipline responsible for ensuring the use of goods by the biggest number of people possible. In other words, it is based on allowing any consumer, regardless of his or her condition, to use any product or service under equal conditions.

Currently, most of the problems that are intended to be solved in this area are related to the digital world and to customer services in companies. The reason is that many of them continue to offer voice calls as the only form of contact, preventing people with hearing disabilities from effectively accessing this service.

In this context, video calls manage to break this barrier, since they allow these people to be attended closely, directly and in real time by an agent specialized in sign language. That is why a video call button inserted in the company’s website favors its accessibility and usability, providing a comfortable and simple navigation experience for any user.

How can you use the Click to Video button to ensure technological accessibility?

Offering video calls as a means of contact on your website will certainly make your customers’ experience much more satisfying.

However, in the field of technological accessibility, a Click to Video button like the one we offer in Fonvirtual also allows you to customize and incorporate different elements to optimize the customer service for deaf-mute people. 

We detail below some of these possibilities, but first, it is important that you know that within accessibility, it is important that you take care of the design of all the elements of your website so that, while being easy to use, they are consistent with your corporate identity. Therefore, we provide you with a widget that you can customize according to your needs and insert it into your website as many times as you want. 

In this sense, one of the first actions you can take to ensure technological accessibility is, for example, to create two contact pages, one general and one specific for deaf-mute people with a Click to Video button. This way, if the user has hearing or speech difficulties, he or she will be able to contact a specialized agent in a convenient and simple way.


A waiting queue with sign language

On the other hand, from a customer experience point of view, the ideal is to resolve their queries as quickly as possible. However, this is not always possible, so it is important to implement functionalities that allow us to alert them that their request will be dealt with as soon as possible and make the wait as pleasant as possible.

In the case of voice calls, we usually find a welcome voice and on-hold music, which is usually interspersed with a voice message that warns them that all lines are busy. In parallel, to ensure technological accessibility, in video calls one option could be to replace the music with images that make the wait more pleasant and the voiceovers with videos of a person welcoming or informing the user in language that their request will be dealt with shortly.

Frictionless communication

The Click to Video button that we offer in Fonvirtual is managed in a unified way with the rest of voice and chat channels from our virtual PBX. This means that all channels are connected to each other, so that, if necessary, you can switch from a video conversation to a chat conversation to, for example, share documents without the customer or the agent having to leave the web or change applications. 

If we also have a live chat button and the user starts the contact through it, you can even switch to a video call to promote a more fluid communication.


Generally, these tools are very useful to ensure web accessibility and usability, as they allow us to accompany our customer through the company’s website and support them in completing certain actions.

In the case of accessibility for the hearing impaired, cobrowsing is also the ideal complement to Click to Video, since by means of sign language, it is possible to help them to complete the processes in a visual and precise way.

Efficient delivery

In any customer service, an efficient delivery system for interactions is essential. But in the case of customer service for the deaf and hard of hearing, it is essential. 

For example, if, as mentioned above, we choose to create a general contact page and a specific one, our switchboard will be responsible for delivering the conversation to the most appropriate agent to attend to according to its origin.

In short, Click to Video is a very useful tool to guarantee technological accessibility. Moreover, since it can be managed from the virtual PBX along with the rest of the channels, it offers great possibilities, such as those we have just mentioned. All this from any device and without the need for customers or employees themselves to download or install any add-on.

It is even possible to go a step further and take advantage of the fact that both external and internal communications are also unified in it, so that, if the specialized agent has any doubt, he can ask another colleague through the corporate chat.

If you want to know more, please contact us, we will be happy to help you!


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