Customers should be the main focus of every company’s attention because, although it may seem obvious, they are the ones who buy our products or services. However, this has not always been like that and it has not been until some years ago that companies have started to follow the trend of “customer-centric” business. Today, we will analyze what you need to know to improve your company’s customer service. The key piece we will focus on is the type of numbering to use to keep your customers satisfied and served at all times. Which option should I choose? Maybe a local number? It all depends on the image you want to offer your customers. 


Which are the types of numbering that will increase the volume of calls I receive from my customers? The local number


The option preferred by the customers of a company in terms of numbering is the local number. 

With local number or fixed geographic numbering we refer to geographic numbers of the localities of any country. Its main advantages are that the incoming calls are free for the company and they give a feeling of closeness to the customers, since the prefixes are local. We are always more reluctant to call a number with a different prefix to that of our city, and even more with a different prefix to that of our country. The company, thanks to the virtual numbering, can add as many numbers as it wants to its PBX, no matter where the company is domiciled.

In this way, if the company has a high number of customers, for example, in Barcelona, it can include one or more numbers with a 93 prefix even if it is not physically located in Barcelona. It would also work if it has as many clients in Paris: it has the possibility of including as many 01 numbers as it prefers, so as to give its Parisian clients the feeling of closeness and confidence about which we are talking about. 


If you still have doubts about what kind of numbering should be included in your customer service according to your interests, do not hesitate to contact Fonvirtual. Our team of experts will advise you and explain you all the options available to you.