Like most companies today, businesses tend to collect a lot of data. And we mean a lot of data. But what are you supposed to do with this data after it’s been collected? How can you help improve your business strategy using this data?

With a Google Data Studios integration, you can now visualize and track your calls. You can see which agents are performing the best, which locations your callers are calling from, how many calls you miss each day, and more.

If you ever had any questions about the performance of your business, you can now easily see your daily, monthly, or yearly activity through Google Data Studio.

First, you will begin by adding your data onto Google Drive as Google Spreadsheets. Fonvirtual also offers this service, so all of your caller data can be stored on a folder in your drive.


Adding data to Google Spreadsheets with Fonvirtual


1. Go to Google Drive and select my drive




2. Then, create a folder by selecting “Folder”




3. Once you have created a new folder, give it a name that you will remember.




4. Your data will then be uploaded into your designated folder, each and every day.



Upload data onto Google Data Studio

You can enter Google Data Studio by clicking here.

1. Click “Use it for free”


2. Sign into your Gmail account and click “Next”


3. You will then see Google Data Studio. You can create a new blank report, or use a template. Fonvirtual can provide you with a free template to track your calls.


4. After you create a new report, you will be asked to select a data source. Click “Data Source”


5. You will be able to see that Google Data Studio allows you to use multiple platforms as a data source. For this example, we will be using Google Sheets. Select “Google Sheets.”


6. You will then be able to choose the exact sheet you are looking for, and should include your headers so that Google Data Studio can determine the different categories of your data.


7. Next, you will select each field and categorize it based on Text, Date and Time, Number, and more. This allows Google Data Studio to create calculations based on numbers and sort through data based on Text.


8. Once you have a Data Source loaded onto your report, you can begin building your report. Google Data Studio allows you to make basic reports, create interactive charts and graphs and more. You can customize the theme or change the appearance of each graph. The possibilities to analyze your data are endless!


Share Your Report

You can also share your dashboard to your employees or clients so they can visualize your numbers as well. Or, you can even share your dashboard as a template. Your team can also edit and collaborate on the Dashboard simultaneously.

You also have the option to copy a report or create a duplicate. This is useful when someone sends you a new template. You will then be able to stream your data onto that template and visualize your own company’s data.

Here is an example template created by Fonvirtual. You can simply create a copy and connect it to your data source through Google Sheets. You will then be able to visualize your company’s activity in a much more appealing way.


Once you copy the report, simply match up your data with the data from the original data source. You will then be able to see all of your data seamlessly on the report, and can begin tracking the progress of your business. Then, click “Copy Report.”

Now, your business will be able to visualize all of your call data, as well as agent information. You can customize and edit dashboards to fit your needs. You can visualize your progress, as well as create goals. No more sorting through endless data; now you can see exactly who is meeting their monthly objectives, as well as so much more!

If you would like more information on our integration with Google Data Studio, check out

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