How to keep your company’s phone number and turn it into a virtual phone number

Smith, Emma

Publish: Wednesday, Jun 24
Category: Channels

In recent years, the analog phone number has been shown to be in decline. More and more companies are encouraged to subscribe a virtual number for their communications. 

The virtual number is of tremendous relevance when it comes to making a company grow, since it allows that, although the company is located in a single point of the country, it can be available from anywhere, what means great cost savings given the possibility of being able to create extensions and make calls for free worldwide.

This functionality, however, does not exist for companies that still have an analog phone number. The analog phone is the typical phone system we know, with which we have a line that is directly linked to a fixed device, so that it can only be accessed from that phone. 

In a globalized world, where companies increasingly need to maintain contact with other societies around the world, internationalize and relocate their headquarters, this type of telephony seems too simple. We live in the technological age and there is no doubt that we no longer want a technology that does not allow us to move..

However, many companies are afraid of changing to a virtual number because they think it will be necessary to change their telephone number, with the problems that this entails: our most regular customers already know which number to call when they have a query, as do our suppliers, and they even have us saved in their phone books; our number is spread across various directories and websites, etc. And we do not want under any circumstances that the change of phone number affects negatively the number of calls we receive.

Today we are writing this post to end this fear once and for all, because from Fonvirtual we confirm that it is possible to keep your old analog phone number and turn it into a virtual phone number, that is, it is possible to carry out the portability of your traditional phone number.


How can I do it?


With Fonvirtual you can transform your current landline number into a virtual number: the process of portability only takes four to five minutes. During that process, your current provider will continue to provide you with service as usual, until, by marking a portability date, the number becomes virtual with Fonvirtual.

We must be careful with the portability process, as it must be requested with the same data with which the numbering is currently subscribed. In many cases, the client does not remember under which name the number is and will probably provide the requesting operator with different data. In this case, it is recommended to send a recent invoice so that the company can check the data.


Why should I turn my analog phone number into a virtual phone number?


Here are the main reasons for turning your old analogue number into a virtual number

  • Give the image of an international company, do business with foreign companies and make it possible for customers all over the world to contact you. The fees of most traditional telephone operators and roaming are too high when it comes to making and receiving calls abroad. If we want to expand our business and expand our clientele by targeting other markets, the most sensible and affordable thing to do is to have a virtual number, which with Fonvirtual, can include the prefix and form of any local international phone number. That is, if I have customers in Paris, I will be able to offer them a local Paris number, while I will be receiving their calls on my own mobile, tablet or PC from United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world where I have a stable Internet connection. 
  • In addition, given all the above, it will make it possible to create a feeling of closeness with all customers, no matter where they come from, as we can have the registered office in London and carry or even subscribe a virtual number from Manchester, Birmingham or even the United States, for example. In this way, my clients will think that the company is also located there, providing greater security, confidence and peace of mind. 
  • A virtual number can be a great help when separating professional life from personal life. Entrepreneurs, freelancers or working professionals are constantly answering to their phone. What was common a few years ago, the existence of two phones, one for work and one for personal life, is now obsolete. Today a person can combine both numbers in the same device. With the virtual phone number you can have two different numbers on the same device, either smartphone, PC or tablet, while filtering the contacts, preventing the inconvenience caused by a call outside office hours, when you are enjoying your free time with family or friends. 
  • Saving on roaming costs, as these will be 0 thanks to the WebRTC technology with which our virtual numbers work: a simple Internet connection is all you need in order to make and receive unlimited calls to everyone without paying a cent in roaming. 




  • The best option for e-commerce. It cannot be denied that this type of commerce is continuously increasing, and to give a more professional aspect to our business we can subscribe a virtual number that appears on the corporate website, without having to leave one or more personal mobile numbers, giving an image of a carefree and small company. With the virtual number, you can make a better management of calls from customers and suppliers, while giving a customer service of higher quality, more organized and more personalized.
  • By turning your analogue number into a virtual number, you can also contract the services of a virtual PBX, which will offer you infinite possibilities: customer service hours, voice mail, intelligent call distribution, waiting lines, etc. 


Don’t hesitate any longer and decide to switch your old analogue number to a virtual number: cost reduction, business expansion and comfort.


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