For most employers, separating private life from work has always been a complicated issue, especially when it comes to receiving calls from the company. It is not uncommon for clients to call out of business hours, forcing the entrepreneur to choose between staying in the office longer than necessary or giving their personal mobile phone to certain clients so as not to miss their calls.

However, today we find a much more practical, simple and economical solution: the simple installation of an application on the personal mobile phone. This app allows, among other things, to receive business calls on the personal mobile without the caller knowing that the call is being received from that device. In other words, no more extra hours in the office waiting for an important call, and without having to provide your personal mobile number.

Your business landline anywhere thanks to WebRTC.


How can I make and receive calls from the company’s landline from any device?


This question can be answered with two simple words: WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology is a Google development, which allows to send voice, video and messaging data from any type of device connected to the Internet and without the need to install anything, since the communication takes place through the browser.

In other words, establishing a WebRTC communication is as simple as opening the Chrome or Firefox browser on your computer or downloading a mobile app that adapts the browser version to this device.

At Fonvirtual we have implemented this technology to make business communications more efficient and to help companies implement advanced telecommunications services that allow them to make and receive calls from their landline from any place and device connected to the Internet.

In fact, thanks to WebRTC technology, each employee from his or her extension, whether connected to a mobile phone or a computer, will be able to display any of the company’s fixed line telephones, so that he or she will be able to differentiate between personal and professional life.

When the extension receives a call on a mobile, for example, from the company’s landline, the call will come through the app and not the mobile line, so you will know that it is a business call. In addition, apart from installing the app, it is not necessary to install anything or have technical knowledge of any kind.

Redirect business calls to your mobile phone thanks to a simple application


Summarizing the previous section, WebRTC technology allows you to receive and make calls from any type of device connected to the Internet: computer, mobile phone or tablet. That is why a very good option is to have a PBX that works with WebRTC technology.

The use of the WebRTC virtual PBX is very simple:


  • If we connect from the computer, we only have to enter our user and password in a web.
  • If we do it from our mobile phone, all we have to do is download an application and connect in the same way.


From that moment on, it is possible to receive and make calls from the PBX. With Fonvirtual’s WebRTC virtual PBX solution, calls are automatically redirected from the PBX to the mobile phone app from the moment you connect to it. The forwarding will also be done at no additional cost.

This way, you can receive your professional and personal calls separately, while using the same mobile device.




Advantages of receiving your business calls on your mobile phone

Professional image


Even if you are making professional calls from your own mobile phone, the receiver will see that you are calling from a landline number, which gives a more professional image and helps to ensure that, if that customer wants to return the call, they do so to the landline (to the number from which they have previously been called), thus passing through the company PBX, and not to the mobile.

On the other hand, do not forget that you can choose the prefixes of the provinces or countries that best suit your demand thanks to the virtual number. An example would be: you can choose a prefix of Bristol, even if you are in London, in order to show proximity to your customers in Bristol. The same happens in case that part of your clientele is foreign, you can change your number again showing the prefix of that country, while you are in United Kingdom.


Business growth


Having the possibility to receive professional calls on the mobile phone encourages the growth of the company, whether we are talking about a self-employed person, a SME or a large company.

One of the main ways of doing this is by implementing teleworking, which can be made up of workers from anywhere in the world, who do not have to move from their homes to be part of a company, even if they are thousands of miles away from it.

In addition, thanks to WebRTC you will no longer need a physical office to install all the equipment, since you can work from home with your own mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. All this without customers noticing anything strange.

On the other hand, for companies of any size that are interested in expanding globally, WebRTC’s virtual PBX is also the solution. There is no need for physical offices abroad, which is always a big investment, and usually causes many other problems.

Efficient organization


With an application installed on your mobile phone where you can receive and make professional calls, you can organize yourself in an effective and more efficient way thanks to the virtual PBX’s office hours configuration. That is, you will be able to configure the office hours in order to receive professional calls only during the established working hours, separating once and for all your professional life from your personal one.

And not only that, but all the calls will be registered in a unified way in the statistics panel, regardless of the device from which the extension is connected. This way, it will be easier for the PBX supervisors to control the volume of calls, the quality of them, etc.


Cost reduction


Cost saving is another great advantage of receiving professional calls on your mobile phone. As it is no longer necessary to subscribe a second phone line, nor to buy equipment, the money saving is quite important.

Moreover, as it does not depend on specialized equipment, it is a service that will hardly become obsolete. There is no need to carry out any kind of maintenance.

Take advantage of Fonvirtual’s WebRTC virtual PBX solution and start enjoying receiving and sending professional calls on your own mobile.

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