How to receive your business calls on your personal cell phone with an app

Smith, Emma

Publish: Tuesday, Feb 04
business calls

Who hasn’t had problems separating business and personal calls? The most common solution to this problem is to separate the calls by using two different cell phones, thus keeping both communication methods separate and avoid receiving business calls outside of office hours. However, today we found a much more practical and economical solution: install an app on your cell phone that allows you to receive business calls on your personal cell phone, while keeping your conversations separate. You can even display two different phone numbers depending on the type of call.

Receive professional calls over the internet thanks to WebRTC technology

Thanks to the new WebRTC technology developed by Google, it is now possible to make and receive professional calls over the internet, from any type of connected device. It is a communication tool that can be integrated onto a web page or an application. It allows the transmission of sound, video, and data. Therefore, it allows voice and visual conversations, as well as file sharing.

In order to use WebRTC, communication between two people is required. A call can be made through the internet and each of the interlocutors will create and share a specific communication channel for each of them. In addition, WebRTC technology is compatible with several browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. so anyone can incorporate it into their work day easily.

This technology has many advantages. In particular, it allows you to display one or more different phone numbers. In addition, you may use area codes for several different countries. You can use different numbers (your personal number and professional number) with different prefixes, depending on what you prefer, while making the call from the same device.

Moreover, it does not require any installation. So you can make and receive calls, both professional and personal, wherever you are, from your own mobile devices, without having to buy any new devices or invest in any software. Everything will be possible thanks to the installation of an application in your mobile.


Redirect business calls to your mobile phone thanks to an app

As we have seen, with WebRTC technology and an app, you can receive business calls from any type of device connected to the Internet, whether it is a computer, a mobile or a tablet. That way, you can incorporate your virtual PBX phone system using your device with this technology.

Connection to a virtual PBX is very simple: from the computer, you simply have to open up the website and login; from mobile, you only have to download an app and connect. After that, you can start making and receiving professional and personal calls from your cell phone.

At Fonvirtual, call redirection from the virtual PBX to your mobile phone is done automatically from the moment you connect to the app. Call forwarding is done at no additional cost. This means that you have a mobile, virtual PBX at your disposal, which will accompany you wherever you go.

That way, you can receive your professional and personal calls separately while using your own cell phone.


business calls


What are the advantages of receiving business calls in an app?

Being able to receive business and personal calls on your cell phone thanks to an app has a series of advantages. It allows you to manage your company’s communications easily.

Professional image

Even if you make business calls from a cell phone, you can display that you are calling from a landline number. This gives a more professional image than calling from a regular cell phone number.

In addition, thanks to the virtual numbers offered by a virtual PBX, you can choose the country or area code that suits you best. For example, you can choose a Chicago area code, even if you are located in Miami in order to create a closer relationship with your customers in Chicago. If you also have customers in another country, you can change your number again showing the country code of that country, even if you are located in the U.S.

Allows business development for freelancers, eCommerce and SMEs

The Virtual PBX app on your cell phone can help stimulate the growth of your business, whether you are self-employed or working for an eCommerce or SME.

Furthermore, through this app you will also promote teleworking, as workers will be able to work from home. In the case of self-employed people, it will not be necessary to have a physical office for equipment to be installed since no installations are necessary. Since you are only required to use an internet connected device, employees can work remotely from home. However, they will be required to have the app installed on their cell phone or use the website online in order to manage their professional calls. Customers will not notice, since they will see that a fixed telephone number is displayed.

On the other hand, if you are looking to expand your business to other global markets, but do not yet have offices or employees abroad, you can still achieve your goal. This is possible because, thanks to your virtual PBX, you can get all the virtual numbers corresponding to the countries you are targeting. Therefore, you can conquer the Swiss market, for example, without having offices or agents in Switzerland.

It allows for better organization

With the app installed on your cell phone you will be able to organize yourself better, both in your work life and in your personal life.

This is possible thanks to the configuration of the virtual PBX’s timetable: you will be able to configure your office hours using your virtual PBX phone network system so that you only receive business calls during these hours. You will no longer be bothered by customers calling you at night or on weekends. Therefore, you may disconnect, relax, and enjoy your free time.

Reduce your telephone costs

With your professional PBX, you can also save money. You no longer have to take out a second phone subscription and buy seperate equipment to manage your business communications.

Therefore, it is easy to use and very beneficial because it will never become obsolete. On the other hand, WebRTC technology is only evolving and will continue to offer better improvements.

Allows you to make international calls

As mentioned before, the virtual PBX works with WebRTC technology and will allow you to make professional calls at no extra cost.

This technology offers the possibility to travel anywhere in the world while keeping in touch with employees and customers. No one needs to know you’re abroad, because every call you make will show the country code or area code you choose.


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